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Sunday, February 24, 2008

What Has Alex Been Up To?

I don't know if it was because my mom was here, or he was just ready, but Alex has just exploded developmentally in the past 2 weeks.

He is now talking, talking, talking and talking. He now repeats EVERYTHING he hears, and most of the time that word then gets added to his vocabulary. I can now understand about 75% of what he says. Between his new verbal abilities and his signing he can now almost always communicate with us.

He is now REALLY playing. He's always been a good player. He could play independently or with other people. But, in just the past week he now is playing - really thinking about what he is doing and using his imagination.

Here's one of my favorite from last week. He was in the family room with my mom and starting signing lion (and saying it the way he does which is to growl), pointing down the hallway and then signing "scared." My mom asked him if there was a lion in the hallway - and he said, "Uh huh" (his other new favorite thing to say). Mom asked him if they should go scare the lion away. He said, "Uh, huh." He immediately got down on his hands and knees and started crawling down the hallway. My mom followed (on her hand and knees - she's such a great grandma!!). They got down to the end of the hallway and then yelled, "Lion, go away!!" Alex then came running back down the hallway to tell me that they scared the lion away. He has repeated this once a day every since then.

He is still really into his "La Las" but also really likes to play with his balls and cars. He LOVES his Barbie movie and now tries to dance like Barbie - which is HILARIOUS!! I will really try to get that one on camera.

It's really like overnight he went from a toddler to a boy. It's kind of sad - but also a lot of fun. He hasn't shown anymore signs of wanting to go potty on the potty, but honestly, he's been so busy learning new things, I'm sure he can't concentrate on that!

(me - I'm continuing to do better. I even got out of the house a little bit this weekend. I'm having a hard time sleeping without my medicine - I think my body got very used to sleeping with some sort of help. I still get tired very quickly, but the pain is practically gone.)

I leave you with an old video of Alex I never posted. We have this Turkey that hops and sings this annoying song. Alex used to be scared of it, but recently he has grown to love it. Whenever it goes off - he does the dance in the video (and he has to have something in his hand to dance with)


JuJu - said...

OMG!!! How cute are THOSE dance moves?

He is so sweet!

Glad you are feeling better - been thinking about you a lot:)

jajbs said...

I have been checking to see any updates about how you were doing! Glad to hear things are coming along with your recovery!

Alex is TOO funny ( cand adorable!)

Continued prayers for you...


Jennifer said...


So glad to see your are feeling better!!! We've been praying for you!


Soltana said...

Too funny!!!!

So glad you're feeling better...

Carrie said...

Adorable! He is so happy and funny!

Glad you are doing better!

Alex is amazing. They are really transforming from babies into little people.

nikki said...

Love his dance moves, especially when he pauses and waits for the music to start again.
Glad you are feeling better!!!

Katie said...

Love the dance moves !!

Scarlett_333 said...

Hehe, love the dance moves!

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