I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Klutz Girl - Reporting In

Alex pooped on the potty tonight!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! The Miralax is starting to work. He got his Percy - but I have a feeling he won't do it again until we come up with a new bribe :) I'm still going to enjoy this tonight!!!!!

First on my klutziness.

A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving I fell down my friend's steps at her house and landed on my left elbow. It hurt pretty bad, and I think I bruised the bone, but nothing too serious. It's been slowly healing since then.

Last night, I was on my way into our local community theater for an audition. As I was coming around the corner outside the theater, I tripped on a brick and wiped out - BIG TIME!!!!

I landed on my right knee, left elbow and hands. I had a small cut on my hand, scraped my elbow pretty bad (yes, the same elbow I hurt a few weeks ago) but the worst was my knee. In fact, the cobblestone is imprinted on my knee. I can barely walk, it's very swollen and it's starting to bruise.

Amazing - I seriously could trip over a flat surface.

Luckily the show I was auditioning for doesn't have any dancing, so I didn't have to learn a dance for my audition!


I LOVE theater, and BA (before Alex) I was involved with our local community theater. This winter they are doing the musical "Working." Working is based on the book by Studs Turkel. We did this show when I was helping the theater department at the school I taught. You can learn more about the musical here I will find out later this week if I get cast. I'm excited to get back into the theater and back on stage so we will see what happens.


Back in the late summer/early fall I was so concerned about Alex. His behavior was horrible and I really questioned my parenting. I just realized last week that he's gotten MUCH better. He's listening better, he's been much more pleasant, and he is tantruming less. He still has his moments, but boy is it better.


I have signed up to go with Global Orphan Team on their first mission trip. We are going to be in Guatemala for a week at the end of March/beginning of April. I'm so excited about this trip. We are going to be going to a couple of orphanages to love on babies. We are also going to spend one day in Panajachel. And you KNOW I'll be getting a ride to Tierra Linda to visit Baby Alex and his family.


Alex is really getting excited about Christmas. It's a lot of fun, and I can't wait to see how he handles everything. I have all of my shopping done. I still need to wrap everything and finish the baking.


Am I the only one with this problem? I'll be going through my day, something will happen, and I'll make a mental note that this would make good blog material. I usually even "write" the post in my head. Then, when I finally get time to sit down and try to blog - I forget what I was going to write about. I think I'm losing my mind.


Mandy said...

I am so excited about your return to theater! Yay for Alex pooping in the potty and behaving better. Kids make Christmas so much fun. I trip over air all the time. Woohoo for mission trips. I keep a small notebook in my bag to jot down ideas for blogs as I get them. Its helped greatly!!

Merrill said...

Yeah for Alex! What's your secret to success? John prefers his undies to the toilet. He turns three tomorrow. I keep telling him that 3 year olds do not poop in their pants. I've tried bribing and that doesn't even work. Ugh!

Leslie said...

IM glad you arent seriously hurt..Geez!!!!!

Im glad to hear Alex is acting better live with a toddler is interesting BUT wait till the teen years!!YIKES...i know im a real help! LOL

Luv and hugs,Leslie

terri s said...

Yea Alex! for going potty. That's terrific!

I am so sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. Twice.

We really are twins: 1. I L.O.V.E. theatre and used to be very involved in it. I can't wait to hear more about your part and the whole show. Break a leg!! (but not really!) 2. I too will "write" a blog during the day then sit down to blog and find I got nuttin'. So you are not crazy!!!!

congrats on going to Guate in March. I hope to get some major money back from taxes this year so I can begin to plan a trip down there soon. I was so taken with Tricia's daily account of that amazing trip. I know your trip w/ GOT will be just as wonderful.

Nikki said...

Congrats on getting the role!

And that is sooooo exciting that you are going back to Guatemala. I can't wait to hear about it!! I saw the photos of Baby Alex on tricia's blog- he looks great!