I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Friday, February 09, 2007


As I've been reading adoption blogs over the past couple of weeks, it's evident that many of you are not in a good place right now. I think it's post-holiday frustration. I know that one mantra that many of you are using is

"Do not confuse waiting with being defeated"
Let me suggest another one. This one comes from the new Kleenex commercials. These are the ones with the guy and the couch and people come, sit down, tell him their story, and of course there are Kleenex available. It's part of their new Let It Out campaign. There is one with a women from New Orleans who is speaking about her loss from Katrina. As she begins to cry she says,
"My tears don't compromise my strength. They never have."
So, for those of you who have cried recently - or maybe need to cry - remember that doesn't mean you aren't strong. You are - you have to be to go through this craziness!


The McKenzie Crew said...

I have cried of and on all day - and felt really bad for it - thank you - I needed this post -
it feels like to me - my tears are washing away some stuff today - I have had a rough road lately!

Thanks again Kim


MAMB said...

Thank you - sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to cry.

ginger said...

Thanks so much for this post. I done my share of crying over the past couple of weeks.

Lori said...

Kim - this is a great post!! Thanks for your encouragement. I know that i'm almost done, but it doesn't take away the enormous amount of pain and tears that were shed to get us to where we are!

Kris and Mindy said...

What a wonderful post! And so true....I cried so many times..so many times during this process. ~sigh~

Andrea<> said...

Thank you for your post. Although I do not feel very strong right now, I know that things will be okay with all of us! What's eight more weeks after waiting this long. I am happy for the families who are at the end of their journey.

Crystal said...

Kim you are just as sweet as you can be!!!!!!! :o) You know I have cried so many happy tears in the last few weeks but my heart is heavy to those still waiting!!! --And the thought of doing it all over again scares me!!! Thand you for this post --you are just the sweetest!!!!!!!! ALEX JUST HAS THE BEST MOMMA!!!!!!!!! HUGS!!!!

Bekah said...

Kim, I just found your blog through others that I recently discovered. I was touched by this post as I have felt so discouraged and cried so many tears lately. Congratulations on your beautiful son! Blessings, Bekah