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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Guatadopt Calendar

So - do you have yours yet???? I just got mine in the mail today. I was so excited this year as we just missed the deadline to have Alex in it last year.

I was going through it and I think I found some of my blogger buddies. Here's the ones I could find. If I missed your child - let me know in the comments.

January - Is that Nino? (bottom of the top page in the bouncy) If so, they spelled his name wrong. :)

January - Sabrina (I could pick out that smile ANYWHERE!!)

March - Maya (I always loved that picture)

April - My little guy!! (down in the far bottom right hand corner)

June - Kemry (what a sweet picture)

June - Alec and Mikayla (poor Alec's name was left off!!)

October - Gia? (is that her in the upper left hand corner?

December - Kya Blu


DJ Holly, DJ Holly, DJ Holly Rock aka Holly G said...

Yes Girl, that is my little Nino in January and originally they forgot him altogether. And then they kept misspelling his names in emails to me and I kept correcting them but they "said" it would be correct on the calendar.

And yes, that is Gia in October. I took that picture a couple of weeks after she came home last year and I love that pic, one of my all time favorites of her. That little stinker made the "Spotlight" photos two years in a row now. She's my spotlight all of the time, though.

I saw Alex, too, when I looked through mine tonight. I saw a bunch of other's that I know too. They did a great job once again.


Alleen said...

I stupidly missed the pre-order deadline. I need to order mine.

I only saw the tiny pics in the proofs, but Gabriella is in December on the bottom row if I recall(waaaaah, small pic!) wearing a red reindeer outfit. Since it was from last year, you might not have recognized her.

Krystal said...

Yeah, OK look at Gia again. There is a small little speck there -- looks kinda like an ink dot. . . hmmmm, that's Brayden! Hahahahaha!

Alleen said...

yeah, ok.. my brain was gone, she's not wearing a reindeer outfit, she's got another Christmas outfit on. 2nd from the left on the bottom in Dec

Ellie said...

Angelena is in there wearing a Dallas CowGirl Cheerleader Uniform... NOTE: the uniform that COVERS EVERYTHING UP!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

I got mine also. Maya is on August. The picture was taken on my 3 week pick up trip.

Lori & Robby said...

Love your blog's new look! Think mine is in desperate need of an update.