I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Thursday, December 13, 2007

MUCH Better

First - thanks for all of your kind words. I really was not feeling well on Sunday!!!

Jay forced me to call our friend who is an ENT on Sunday. It wasn't that I didn't want to call him, but I didn't want to be that person who tried to get free medical advice. ;) Well, he wanted to see me to make sure that there wasn't something more that needed to be done.

So, I went and saw him Monday morning. By that time I was already feeling better. He looked at my throat and said that he didn't need to do anything to it, but I had better let him know if I didn't get any better. He also told me that if I get one more tonsil infection he would suggest that I have them taken out. :(

So, here I am a few days later, and my antibiotics are obviously working. I can swallow, breathe, and it doesn't look like I have a goiter on the side of my neck.

This is jut another example of how thankful I am that I have access and can afford good healthcare. Although Urgent Care is twice my typical co-pay (as was the ENT) I could afford it. I didn't think about the money at all when I decided to go to Urgent Care, or to get my prescriptions filled. How blessed am I!!! Because I went when I did - and got the medicine started when I did - I got better very quickly. All I could think about was the people that Mayan Families works with - how if something like this would happen to them - it would probably get to the point of it being an emergency - and even then they may not have the ability to do anything about it.

Alex has a really bad cold - so I'm hoping that it doesn't turn into another ear infection.

Here's a picture of Alex's first ornament - he made this at day care.

We've decided to only put up our little tree this year. It's pre-lit and we aren't putting any ornaments on it. Alex loves the tree. He likes to go up to it, point, and say "Mama, WOW." His latest phrase is "No way" - which he says with a twinkle in his eye.


Christina said...

Glad your feeling better and GREAT job Alex on your ornament.

The Collins Family said...

You all need to get better, Santa is coming soon!

I had my tonsils out when I was 17...pretty old for that. Honestly, it was a hassle, but it didn't hurt any worse than strep throat, which I got at least 7 times a year before I had them out. Feeling like you're swallowing a hot knife feels the same no matter what the cause! I haven't had it since...or anything else throat related for that matter.

I love the "wow." Cameron squats in front of the tree and says "woooooooooooooooow." He also says it when we drive by any house with lights on it!

nikki said...

SO glad you are feeling better!!
Hope poor Alex feels better soon!!
That ornament is precious, I just love homemade ornaments.
Good thing you didn't put ornaments on your tree, they are a kid magnet, just ask Liv!!!

Soltana aka The Queen!!! said...

Glad you're feeling better :)

DOn't you LOVE the little ornaments they make!! Dereks from preschool are hanging from the banister.. I just couldn't get him to make ones that "matched" the rest of the tree :)

Love you guys and miss ya bunches!!!

Bekah said...

Glad you are feeling better! Give me a call next weekend. I would love to stop out and see you and Alex! Drew and I will be around all next weekend but we leave Christmas day and will be gone for a week so we will miss you the second time you are in town.

Becca said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better!

Carrie said...

So glad you are feeling better and yes, we have to count our blessings twice for all we have and take for granted. Rich works in a state and federally funded clinic in a physician shortage area and if this site wasn't there these people would have to go to the ER. They have very little access to healthcare and have no insurance or money. It is very sad.

The tree looks very pretty and the ornament is so sweet and special.

Hope Alex is feeling better and happy you are on the mend!

Robyn said...

Your tree is beautiful!! Glad you're feeling better!!