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Monday, October 15, 2007

Change in Sleeping Habits

Has anyone else experienced this? Alex has always been a GREAT sleeper. I could lay him down and he would go right to sleep. The last few nights have been horrible. He wakes up at least once or twice a night and seems to want to play and not go to sleep. If we take him back up to his room, he screams as if someone is beating him.

He has been working on some more teeth coming in, but they have poked through now, so I don't think that's the problem.

We don't know what to do as we think he has learned that if he cries enough we will get him up.

I let him cry last night (almost 7 minutes, by the way). Tonight he started in about 15 minutes after putting him down. After 9 minutes, Jay couldn't take it anymore and went up and got him.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm listening!!!


Farrah said...

We did have this not long after Madisyn came home, And we asked her dr about it...And we were told that if we know that she isn't sick, or something hurting and it turns into a pattern,"starts playing when you get them up" That we should just leave her in there to cry.
He will notice that you will come in and get him and it will get worse. I know first hand. She is now a great sleeper. KNOCK ON WOOD!

Alleen said...

We have had a little bit of this lately too. And she was always an awesome sleeper and we NEVER had to go in to her room once we put her down. Just the other night, we had to. But, we only went in once and then let her cry after that. She calmed down and went to sleep after about 10 min.

she sometimes wakes at like 4 or 5 am and starts talking away. But, we never go in and she goes back to sleep.

Alex is obviously VERY attached, so I do think you're going to have to grit your teeth and let him cry a bit or you could have a big problem on your hands. But, of course, this is my opinion and only you know what is right for him.

Carrie said...

Oh, Kim. I am so sorry and it is so difficult. I truly believe they go through sleep patterns and cycles. I think you are doing the right thing. Just make him feel safe and secure. I cannot let Savannah cry and she will cry for HOURS and never stop (we have tried everything). She used to wake up a lot in the night until she was about 15 months and now she goes to sleep late and sleeps in our room but she sleeps straight through most nights.

I am certainly not an expert on the sleep thing, because I don't have a good sleeper--never has been never will be. I have read every book in the world on sleep though and the No Cry Sleep Solution is very good along with The Happiest Toddler on the Block.

Good luck and enjoy that coffee!! Ha Ha!

sumthings said...

sammi has been very AWAKE a few nights recently! it's actually kinda funny....she just yells,"dada!!!!!!!!!" over and over and over and over until we come and get her! one night it was 10pm and we got her up and let her play until almost 11. she went down ok after she got out all that energy...and then slept in like a champ!

maybe it's the time change/season change????

Corey said...

Like Farrah says, if he isn sick or hurt, let him cry
Or you'll end up like me with a 2 year old in your bed while you are sleeping at the foot of the bed

Soltana said...

Cerah has gotten up the last few nights. LAst night she yelled momma for about 10 minutes. Larry went in and got her but she was up and running so I sat her with me. For about 10 min then she wanted to get up. I told her if she got up she was going to her own bed...she still got up and I took her to bed. She went to sleep.

I think they just want to see who will come get them. I know its' hard. Cerah is usually a great sleeper. It will pass...It's hard ...stick to your guns...Cerah only got up last night becasue dad went in..I would have let her cry herself to sleep..I know bad momma :)

Lori said...

It's controversial, some people think that this is cruel - but we allow are children to cry for up to 15 minutes before getting them. It is extremely hard to listen to, but over time, that time shortens and shortens. Hang in there!

nikki said...

Ohhh, I've read that around 18 months their sleep habits change, and I have been holding my breath. Sorry I have no advice, except that I will let Olivia cry up to 20 min, if I know she is not sick or anything. It is hard to listen to, but 9 times out of 10 she will go to sleep.
Hope it gets better.

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

I know what you mean!!! We are down to one bottle at night. Trying to get rid of it in the next 2 weeks. Not going well at all.

Muriel and Jerry said...

We had that problem and we went into the room did not say anything or pick her up. We rubbed her back for a few minutes or just stood there so she knew we were there and then left and she went back to crying. After a few times she would fall asleep. I think the worst thing is letting them out of their crib or picking them up.

Kelly said...

YES YES YES. It started at about 14 months. Suddenly she decided she did not want to go to bed anymore. The first night I went to her but it was obvious that all she wanted was to STAY UP ALL NIGHT which was not an option so I had to start letting her cry. The good news: each night the crying time got a little shorter and now we are pretty much done with it and are back to going to sleep (oh PLEASE dont let me typing this jinx the whole thing!)
I think maybe it is a one year old phase thing...hope so and that it ends soon.

N & D said...

ditto pretty much what everyone else said! if v wakes up I go in immediately and pat her back and tell her night night and walk away. If I pick her up or let her cry too hard she wakes all the way up and can't get right back to sleep. the first couple times I walked away she cried anyway and I let her go and each night it got shorter and now she goes right back to sleep.
I think it is just any change that disturbs their sleep.
She just wants to know we are here and then is fine.
It is very hard to let them cry, but you got to do it :(

Natalie said...

Hey!!! I sure missed meeting you in Atlanta. Maybe next year!

I have heard of this sleeping thing happening with lots of kids...right around that same age. I don't have any wonderful advice for you, but I'll definitely let you know if I come across anything. Good luck!

Kerry said...

I'm sorry he's having trouble sleeping. Has he done much travelling? Do you think being away from home for Guatoberfest messed him up? You'll have to find what works, but in the past, I have done what Muriel does and it has always worked. I usually waited 5 minutes before I went in, but I would never get him out of the crib or turn the light on. I would just cover him back up, rub his back and say "nigh nigh time."

I've also heard that if that doesn't work, staying in the room with them, but ignoring them and leaving them in their crib is okay too. I know what it's like to listen to them cry...it's awful, but good sleep is important to his health. I hope things improve soon.

ps. right now, we're in Alaska visiting my Dad, which is 4 hours behind our time so we have been up since 5am here. I have a feeling Cameron's sleeping habits will be TOTALLY screwed up when we come home!

Alleen said...

I think this post jinxed me.... Gabriella was taking two naps for a total of around 3 hrs a day, sometimes a bit more. She has taken a grand total of 1 hr of a nap in 4 days now. Heaven help me.

Crystal said...

HIYA!!!1--First of all Can I just tell you your comments always lift me --Kim you just have a way about you that I just love!!! You are awesome girlie!!!!!!!

As far as your little man goes ooh honey I don't have any words of wisdom --Sophie woke up a couple of nights ago and when I went in her room she was so cold (poor baby!) so I brought her in bed with me and she fell right back to sleep! I know it is soo hard when they go thru these stages--will you let us know what works --I will be taking notes!!!! hugs to you and that sweet baby boy of yours!!!

Sarah said...


Thanks for your comment.. as you know, I am right there with you, girlfriend. Not sure what happened with my Bug either... she has ALWAYS slept in her crib like a perfect little angel, never resisted at all. Then one night a couple months ago, absolutely freaked out when we started our bedtime routine and begged to sleep in "mommy's bed". Two months later, there we are and I need to really work on getting her back into her own room. Last night, I did sneak her back into her toddler bed at midnight and she slept there until 7am. Not so bad... but the going to bed is where we need to make strides.

I hate listening to them cry too... it probably is the best thing to do... sigh. Good luck! Let me know what works for you and vice versa and maybe we can all get some sleep in our own beds again soon!


Kris and Mindy said...

We just went through some sleep issues with Mikayla but hers WERE associated with teething. She has a ton of teeth coming in. She just got three molars and her eye teeth are on their way in now. YIKES. Lot's of pain for her. We let her cry for a little bit and then we go in, run her belly, hold her hand, but we don't get her out. If we get her out she will NOT let us put her BACK. We just keep comforting her until she is OK. I don't have any real advice...but hang in there...it's so hard to know WHAT to do sometimes!