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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Alex Update

As we are approaching Alex's 18 month birthday I thought I'd give an update on what Alex is doing now. (since this blog is also acting as his baby book)

Motor Skills:

Alex can now run...and run fast...although it's pretty hilarious to watch him. His arms go back and forth, he lifts his legs up really high, and his little bottom squirms back and forth. He's usually running away from me with something he's not supposed to have, and I'm usually laughing so hard that I can't get after him.

He's also able to jump now and can sort of get off of the ground. He's a very gifted stomper (and loves to do it and say "stomp!"). He is also trying to do forward rolls. He will put his head and hands on the floor with his bum up in the air and then he needs help flipping over. If he doesn't get help, he just sort of flops over on his side. He's getting really good at going up and down stairs, but he still won't go down stairs backwards so we really have to watch him.

He loves to dance and climb. (In fact, right now we are watching football on tv and I have Sirius on the computer playing Kid's Stuff and he's dancing around the room) His dancing is HILARIOUS!!!!! I love it. (although he stops when I get the camera out - he's not a dumb kid) He likes to climb on the couch, the bed and the glider. He can sit in the glider and get it to move back and forth. He also likes to do "One Little Monkey" on the couch. He learned this at gymnastics and we have to do it about 100 times a day.

He's starting to be interested in puzzles and drawing. He has a mini-Magna Doodle, and he loves playing with it. He can draw on it and erase it.

Signs: Here's a list of the signs he has added to his vocabulary. To see his base vocab, you can go to this post.

brush teeth
thank you
rainbow (this is a two part sign -- you sign colors - which is tapping your fingers on your chin - and then use your two hands to draw the rainbow in the sky)
phone (this is his own made up sign)
pacifier (this is also his own made up sign)
ice cream
carrots (even though he won't eat them unless we hide them - I think he just likes the sign)

Speaking: Yes - he has actually started saying more words. He's really into mimicking right now, but it's starting to come. Here the words that he says on a regular basis

Dora (this is his favorite word)
Boots (sort of - he's working on this one)
dank u (thank you)
No (yes - he has learned this one - I have no idea where he's heard it!!)

Animal Sounds: He is starting to say some of his animal sounds.

Kitty (whenever he signs cat he has to make this meowing type sound)
Lion/Tiger (he does this growling thing)

Random Stuff:

Whenever he sees the Ohio State Buckeye Football team on tv he starts clapping and jumping up and down. (and yes, they beat Penn State yesterday!!)

Whenever I say "whoo hoo! Touchdown" he puts his arms straight up like he's indicating a touchdown. (can we say brainwashing?)

His Dora obsession is becoming alarming. :) When he watches a Dora episode, he has to dance to the beginning music and he holds his arm out to keep Swiper from swiping. (oh my gosh is it cute!!!) At the end of the episode, when Dora sings the "We Did It" song, Alex will bend his knees and move his arms back and forth across his body like Dora does. This also just melts me as it is SOOOO cute.

He can identify the following body parts on himself and others:


This is just such a fun age. He seems to learn something new every day, and this mommy is having a lot of fun!!


N & D said...

that is so amazing!
he is going great - I think it is wonderful that he has some of his own signs :)

Alleen said...

I just want to fall over out how smart he is!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowie!!!!!!!! I'm a bad mommy and haven't tried to teach Gabriella any more signs..... She has an evaluation this week and I'm interested to see where we go with speech,etc.

Carrie said...

It is such a FUN age. He and Savannah could watch Dora together. She is into spinning around now, so she does that during the We Did It song.

He is developing at an amazing rate and they learn so fast. You are a wonderful mom and give him so much to learn from and are so motivating. It is an incredible journey, isn't it?

Farrah said...

All I can say is WOW,
He is so smart..I bet he is in a good school too huh?

The McKenzie Crew said...

all that talent and cuteness rolled into one is irresistable!!!!

I am about ready to see him again!!

Love to you guys!


Sarah said...

Kim, I just love your sweet little Alex! He is at such a fun age. What I like even more is how gaga you are over your sweet son.

Hope we can get together soon without having to go all the way to Atlanta!!


Stacie said...

Hi-I'm in process of adopting two children from Guatemala and was wondering if you were from Iowa?
The trick-treat at the zoo and Bucks ring a bell.....my private e-mail is Tazandme0597@aol.com

Becca said...

Don't worry about that Dora obsession. It will fade - we're into Thomas the Train now, but there was a point that we had to get up and sing and dance the "We Did It!" song after finishing puzzles, etc. Talk about feeling ridiculous!