I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pre and Post Haircut Pictures

Alex's hair was starting to get out of hand. When it gets long, it curls like crazy and won't stay down. I may have to start getting out the hair gel for him. Here's a before picture.

And, here's an after picture. I had it cut shorter than normal. (and this is right after he woke up on Saturday)

Alex also decided that he had to help daddy sweep the family room floor. It was pretty funny.

This picture is dark, but I thought it was so cute! I'm so mad that the lighting didn't turn out right!!!!

This is an outfit that my cousin got for Alex LAST year for his birthday. It just now finally fits. He loves this outfit because it has Mickey on it.

His latest: Saturday morning he was playing with some wooden blocks he has. He holds up one of the blocks, looks at me and says, "triangle." He was right!!! I don't pay his daycare enough money!!! :)

This video is a little long, and you hear me asking him the same question over and over again. I was trying to get him to say, "So Good!" which he says when he eats something he likes. I LOVE the way he says it.

I hope everyone has a good week. We have a busy one - I'm off to Dallas on Tuesday for business and Friday is Alex's birthday. (plus it's Derby week in Louisville, which is always lots of fun!!)


Katie said...

He is so cute .... love his hair !

Carrie said...

I like the short haircut. I like boys to be boys and their hair short. It really is curly though. You wouldn't realize.

Savannah is just wearing some her outfits from her birthday last year. Everyone gave her 2T outfits at 12 months and 2T is still too big.

Have a safe trip and isn't it funny how they LOVE to clean. How long will that last?

Kelly said...

Both of my kids RUN AWAY from the vacuum cleaner. Parker doesn't like loud noises, vacuum, mixer, blender, air compressor and never has but Grant was fascinated by the Shark broom in the kitchen. You can imagine our surprise when I got out the big vaccum and he literally ran to the other room, sat on the floor crying. His Daddy rescued him and I don't think he has ever been so glad to see Brandon. Well maybe the last time Brandon went out of town, he was pretty darn happy when Daddy walked through the door. Have a great trip.

Soltana said...

How cute is he!!! He's too funny!!!

Did I tell you that Wal-Mart lost all my pics from our visit!!! I have them on a cd but didn't tell them. I instead was a mean momma:)



Robyn said...

What a cutie!! I love Alex's new hair cut!!


jajbs said...

Love the new haircut... he is ADORABLE!!!

I think Alex is going to make some lucky girl and very good and caring husband!!! :)


Sarah said...

Love his short haircut... too bad it is so COLD here this week!

That little video is so sweet... love his sweet voice! Happy Birthday Alex!! Sophie's is Saturday... yes, Derby Day!!

Hoping you hear news on Baby A soon too!

nikki said...

Love that cute haircut.
Have fun at derby weekend and please post pics of Alex's birthday. Can you believe our babies are two!!!!

Becca said...

Cool new haircut - and you gotta love a man who cleans. Happy Derby!

Peace and Hugs,