I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ok - I'm Asking

We've found out that Baby A can go back home 4 weeks (instead of 6) after surgery. I still want to take him back. Four weeks after surgery puts us at the week of July 21st. I am planning on going from the 24th-27th.

I'm trying to figure out the best/cheapest way for me to make this trip. I have 30,000ish miles on Delta from my business trip to India two years ago. I need 50,000ish miles to make the trip. I basically need 14,000 more miles to make the trip. I can buy the miles, but I was wondering if there was anyone out there that might have some Delta miles that they wouldn't mind gifting me. I would pay the transfer fees. Please email me if you can help. kimhartz@hotmail.com

I really debated on asking for help. We knew what we were getting ourselves into when we volunteered to foster Baby A. (we don't get any financial assistance) What we didn't plan on was me taking this trip to Guatemala. I know that many of you just help Lindsay and Chris get to Guate quickly this weekend - and bless all of you for that!!!!

(ok - I'm rambling - so I'll just end this here!!)


JuJu - said...

I will give you 7,ooo miles - I will take care of it when I get back home:):)

there is half of it:)

Mark & Becca said...

Kim - we will be happy to cover whatever you need. Stop by or give me a call.


Anonymous said...

We have Northwest miles. Can they be used on Delta. We can also help.

Sarah said...

Wow! See what happens when you ask? HE provides!! Yippeee, Kim!!

Lisa & Madeline said...

Just stopping by and thinking about Baby "A". Hope he is doing well today after his surgery. If I had some miles I would totally give them too, but I rarely leave Louisville LOL. I hope you get what you need. I am sure you will becasue I have seen this blogging community and they are sure there for everyone. You can always email me if you need babysitting for free or anything needed here...


Soltana said...

If we flew anywhere..Larry is afraid.. I'd give them to you girl!!

I hope you can make the trip:)

Keeping you all in my prayers.

Hey Alex can be int he room with Larry's mom:) They can have booboos together:) I hope he's ok..

Tabitha said...

I actually just visited your blog for the first time. We used to go to church with Krystal and Michael. Anyway, do Delta miles expire? If not, I'm sure I still have some. Send me an email or comment on my blog and I'll reply to you. You are welcome to them.