I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Friday, June 06, 2008

A Tough Week

What a week we have had. Baby A's surgery had to be rescheduled. The poor little guy has been so sick for the past week. None of us were sleeping very well. He's definitely on the mend now, and we are now sleeping!!

It's been so hot here this week - we had no spring - we went from cold to really hot. What's up with that?

Here are some pictures from the week.

I put this picture on Baby A's blog also, but just had to post it here. Alex wants to give the baby hugs and kisses all the time now. It's SOO cute!!!

We went to my friend's house yesterday to "swim." Alex would only get in the kiddie pool to get the la las out of the pool and then he would run around clutching them.

This picture is for my dad. No matter where my dad goes, he picks up the auto/RV trader magazines. You know - those free ones they have everywhere. He's always looking for a good deal. Thursday night we went out to eat at our local pizza joint with my friend's family (after Sarah's baseball game) . Sarah and Zac went over and grabbed magazines from a table. Alex had to follow them, but instead of picking out a magazine, he grabbed the local Auto and RV Trader book. Aren't you proud, Dad??

These next two were from tonight. I never got Alex out of his pj's today. (I know - bad mom) Jay took him outside tonight to play and he had to take his shirt off (something about a lot of sand and water). He came inside and wanted a snack. I just thought he looked so funny with his pj bottoms, Cars sandals eating raisins. :)


Rachel said...

How sweet!!!

Alleen said...

A new fashion trend????

nikki said...

A full day in PJ's is a good day!!!
It's been soooo hot here too, where did spring go?

It is so cute how Alex just loves baby A!!!!!!!!!!

Becca said...

I love the one of the TWO Alex's together - very sweet.

Peace and Hugs,

Carrie said...

Sorry Baby A has been so sick and it has been tough for you. Glad things are looking up.

I LOVE that photo of Baby A and Alex. So precious. Alex looks so big next to him.

The raisin photos are so cute.

I know what you mean about no Spring and then a 90 plus degree heat wave. Crazy weather.