I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday Alex!!!!

Today is Baby Alex's 1st birthday. I'm so glad he is home with this family on this special day.

Alex - I know that this day may be just like any other for you, but I hope you know that I'm thinking about you today. I miss you and hope I get to see you again. If you aren't already, you will be a big brother very soon. I can't wait to hear if you have a baby sister or baby brother. I have friends who will be visiting in the next couple of months and I can't wait to get a report on how you are doing.


Michelle Smiles said...

Happy birthday Alex!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!!!

He is just amazing!


Tricia said...

Happy Birthday, Alex!!! We will be hugging & loving on you in December for Kim so get ready!!!


Hugs to you, girl!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday baby Alex! I know you are missing him especially today. Hugs for you!

Mindy said...

Awww...what a sweet thing! Love the pictures:-) And you are not politically alone over here...just so you know...we are pro-life conservatives as well.

Lori and Robby said...

Oh Kim, I'm sure it's been difficult for you thinking about and missing Baby Alex on his birthday. You know I will be happy to bring him some goodies in March!

Nan and Dan said...

happy birthday little one!
he was so very lucky to have known you and your family :)

Soltana said...

Happy Birthday!! He is such a cutie:)

nikki said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!
I'm sure you are missing sweet Alex
on his birthday!
Hugs to you!!

Becca said...

Oh, Kim - I can tell you will forever love and keep Alex in your heart. You're such a good "mommy"!!

I LOVED Antigua and can't wait to go back. I think I may even have the courage to venture to Panajachel next time - if I can bear to leave the kids from HP. They stole my heart...

Peace and Hugs,