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Monday, October 27, 2008

Is This Brainwashing?

I'm sorry - just had to share. :)

As many of you know, we are a very political family. We don't talk bad about any candidate in our house. But, whenever anything political comes on tv, Alex says, "John McCain!!" It cracked us up when he first started it. In fact, even if Obama is on tv, he says, "John McCain!"

He has now started saying, "Vote for John McCain!" I swear we didn't teach it to him, but he does get a big reaction from us, so I'm sure that has helped egg him on.

We've also taught him something for our Michigan friends. :)


Mandy said...

Ahahahaha! That is GREAT--I love the O-H, I-O never too young to start that!

Alleen said...


We don't really talk politics in front of Gabriella, but since the commercials are on soooooo much, she now knows both Obama and McCain by name and yells their name when she sees them.

Vanessa said...

No politics here, but that's a cute story!

Carrie said...

That is so funny. It shows they listen to everything you say, if you want them to or not. I love the video.

Savannah has no idea about the candidates, because we are not political and we DVR everything and fast forward the commercials.

If either candidate is on TV she says, "Doda." Not that she thinks that they are Dora, but she wants us to turn Dora on instead of whatever else may be on TV. She would vote for Dora for President, if she could.

skinny minny said...

Of COURSE it is brainwashing...that is what all good parenting is about!
Oh and btw..he is an adorable little boy who is most definitly acting his age and sometimes his gender too. Don't worry you are a good parent.

JuJu - said...

what a treat for me to get to hear that sweet voice this morning:):)

hug him for me:)

I love you guys:)

move to NC:)

monskyatmercer said...

Madison became an instant fane of McCain when he (McCain) sent her dad a dollar. There was also some sort of imitation credit card that she believes is a real credit card. McCain sent us money so he gets our vote :-)