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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alex Update and Follow up Question

I realized that I haven't given much of an Alex update lately. Here's what he is doing.

- He loves going to school. He has lots of friends and really likes his teachers

- He talks - nonstop!!!! He is talking in full sentences. He amazes me almost every day with the words he knows - and how he uses them appropriately. We have an antique hutch upstairs. The other night one of the shelves fell. Alex went up to it this morning, touched it and said, "Can't touch - it's dangerous!" I don't think Jay and I have ever used that word with him.

- We can understand what he is saying about 80% of the time. Most of the other time he can eventually get us to understand what he is saying

- He is still very much into Disney Princesses, Barbie and anything pink. He is really into the Lion King and Aladdin at the moment. He also still like Dora and Diego. He likes to play with his trains and blocks and his farm set.

- He really likes to color right now. He has gone from scribbling across the page with whatever crayon he picks up to being deliberate with his color choice and actually trying to color the picture.

- He still likes to read - a lot! He also likes to read to us. Some books he knows because we have read them to him so many times. Others he likes to "read the pictures." Being a former reading teacher, I have to say I'm very happy with his literacy development!

- He can count to 20 and say his ABC's. At this point I don't think he can pick out the appropriate letters or numbers.

- He is SOOOOOOOOOOO stubborn. It's amazing. Here's one example. He loves my mom's chocolate chip cookies. (we call them Nanny Cookies) My parents where here last month visiting, and of course she brought Alex some nanny cookies. He refused to eat dinner that night. He knows that he can't have any "treats" if he doesn't eat his dinner. I asked him to take one bite of soup - one bite!!! (and it was basically cheese) I told him that if he didn't take one bite of his soup he couldn't have a nanny cookie. Would you believe that stinker didn't take a bite. We all had nanny cookies that night - except for him. And, he really didn't throw a fit about it. I think he knew! Stubborn, I tell 'ya!

- We still struggle with his eating some days. If it were up to him, he would live on fruit and carbohydrates. But, he is starting to eat chicken with dip (BBQ sauce) and really likes it, so we are at least getting some protein in him.

Terri asked me what exactly it is that I do. :) (by the way - Terri and I might be long lost cousins)

Let me see if I can explain this. The company I work for sells software that helps our clients manage their compensation. They can load their employee/job data into the software as well as the salary surveys that they purchase and do their market pricing in the tool. From there, they can do all kinds of analysis to make sure that they are paying within the market. We also sell services to go along with the software. We sell these services, along with the software, in a bundle for multiple years. My title is Engagement Manager. I have a book of clients who have purchased these services. My job is to make sure that all the different departments at my company are doing what they are supposed to for my clients, and then I'm the main point of contact for my client. Basically, I do project management with a little bit of relationship management thrown in.

My 20th high school reunion is going to be in a about a year and a half. I have volunteered to help organize the reunion (since we haven't had one in YEARS). I'm trying to figure out the best way to organize everyone and have a place where we can share information. Has anyone used any sites (like reunion . com) for any reunions? Does anyone have any suggestions?

8 days and counting until vacation!!!!!!



Kelly said...

Thanks for the Alex update, sounds like a typical 2 year old little boy to me. Or at the very least the 2 year old little boy who lives at my house!

Did you graduate in 89? That's when I graduated and we are planning our reunion for next year. We are using FaceBook since alot of us have recently reconnected there. We also have a myspace page dedicated to the reunion info. Hope that helps.

Vanessa said...

Sounds like Alex is doing great!!

skinny minny said...

Looks like even though he may be stubborn he understands there are consequences to that since he didn't throw a fit when he didn't get any cookies. Good job teaching him that!

Alleen said...

Stubborn is certainly the word to describe Miss G. She also knows she won't get a treat(fruit) unless she eats dinner(though more than one bite, LOL). She, on the other hand, pitches a royal fit when you don't give it to her just as promised.

I actually understand exactly what you do. Makes sense!

Kathy said...

My son too is super stubborn. I tell him I am the boss and he says we should have 2 bosses! Oh, and his favorite colors are pink and purple and he has a Tinkerbell purse and a crown (aka tiara)!!