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Monday, November 17, 2008

Reader's Digest Anyone?

So, this may make me sound like I'm old.

I LOVE Reader's Digest. The stories are short so I can usually read a couple before falling asleep at night. :)

I just received our renewal notice in the mail. If I renew our subscription (which I will), I can give 6 gift subscriptions. I don't have anyone that wants Reader's Digest that doesn't already get it.

So, if you are interested in a free year's subscription to Reader's Digest, please leave me a comment. If I get more then 6 people who are interested, then I'll draw random names.

EDITED: Since there are more then 6 people interested, I'll randomly draw names. I'll take comments until noon on Thursday. At that time I'll draw 6 names to see who gets the subscriptions. So, keep leaving the comments if you are interested.

Merry Christmas!! :)


Alleen said...

I like it too!!! I would love a subscription!

Vanessa said...

I'll take on if you still have one available!!

Tricia said...

Oh pick me! Pick me!

I would love one! :)

I actually have time to read now that all of our readoption paperwork is done!

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

OOOHHHH....I love it too!! The stories are great. How fun!!


Kerry said...

Me, me, me!!!

JuJu - said...


i want one:)

DJ Holly Rock said...

OK...so I missed it...I'm number seven...BOOHOO. I started reading my dad's readers digests when I was 10 and after he died my mom kept the subscription for me because I always ended up reading it instead of my dad anyway. My subscription ran out a couple of years ago and I haven't renewed it, I keep saying that I'm going to and then I forget. No time like the present...I'm off to renew right now...thanks for reminding me:)

Jill said...

Me too, but I guess I'm too late

Kelly said...

Me too! I usually read it in Dr's offices because it's a quick read and easy to put down if you can interrupted by the staff or your kids while you wait.

Tim and Lucy said...

What a great idea...:-) Would love to be included in the drawing as well.

(started following your blog via Holly's site before it went private)

Soltana said...

To cute!! You're so clever!! :)

Soltana said...

Oh.. you don't have to include me in the drawing.. I'll read yours next time we come to KY:)

Anonymous said...

That is one of my favorite magazines!