I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Monday, November 03, 2008


I've so enjoyed seeing everyone's Halloween costume pictures. Now, here's mine.

See this costume - isn't it cute.

Now - I need you to just imagine what Alex would have looked like in it.

Because.....this is what he wore.

Yes, he REFUSED to wear his costume. He wouldn't wear it at the zoo last weekend or Friday night for trick or treating.

Here we are at the zoo. We've taken a family picture at this same spot for the last three years. THREE YEARS!!!! Can you believe we are on our third year of things???? Jay isn't in the picture as he was at a horse show.

Alex was SOOOO excited to see the princesses. Here he is hugging Snow White. He also saw Cinderella, but my batteries died so I didn't get a picture.

We struggled with trick or treating this year. He was just very cranky. He did start munching on one of those candy bracelets at one point in the night. He then had this white powder all over his face and hands. (you may have to enlarge the picture to see it)

Jay and I were so excited, because we felt like he was actually in a costume - a 80's crack addict!!! :) (yes, we have a sick sense of humor)
And don't forget
GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!


Leslie said...

Rock the VOTE im there!!!

Alex is sooo cute even without being in a cute monkey costume..That boy is just toooo cool!


Mandy said...

Awwww, I cant believe that he flat out refused to wear his costume, but I did laugh at the 80's crack addict comment. LOL.

Vanessa said...

I'll be at the polls in the morning! Your little monkey is cute even without the official costume!

Alleen said...

Sorry he wouldn't wear his costume. They have a mind of their own, don't they? I had the opposite problem and Gabriella melted down when I took her costume off.

She got one of those candy bracelets the other day and I made the mistake of letting her have it in Kohl's to keep her occupied. Imagine my surprise when I realized that white crap was everywhere!!!! ick.

Soltana said...

TOOO cute!!! Cerah changed her mind 500 times before deciding on a witch... and she wouldn't wear the hat:(

We just got back from voting!!! Derek got to vote too:) for the kids vote.

You know I want a card:)

nikki said...

Oh so sorry he wouldn't wear his costume. You never can tell what they will or WILL NOT do!!!!
Wow, three years at the same spot for a picture, these kids are growing up to fast.

Carrie said...

A toddler will be a toddler. When they don't want to do something FORGET IT! It would have been adorable, but Savannah would never wear it either. She was Dora--very simple--orange shorts and a pink shirt and a purple backpack. She wouldn't even wear the wig, but her hair looks like Dora.

Cute photos of the two of you on the hay.

Kelly said...

So cute, I knew that Grant would not wear a costume either so we didn't even try. What we did do is make him a Notre Dame football player -- it only required a ND jersey (which someone gave him for his birthday a week before) and sweetpants (Target sale table $3.50). It was perfect!