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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jay Still Has a Job

Well - we just got back from watching election results. The State Senate will look exactly the same as it did this past year....so Jay still has a job. It's really nice to know, since I already decided to go part time in January!! :)

The sad news is that Anne Northup lost her House seat. Anne is an adoptive mom and has helped many families in Kentucky bring their children home. She was a real advocate in Washington for all children, but especially for those that are adopted. I was really sad to see that she lost her race. Maybe she will now get involved in the adoption community in some other way.

I'm just glad that I can now breathe for another 2 years.

Alex went to vote with us today. As soon as I download the pictures, I'll post them here. He looked really cute today in a patriotic outfit.

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