I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Friday, January 25, 2008

What is Alex up to Now?

It's gotten so bad around here with my blogging, that Alex had to try to do some blogging himself.

Mama - it's ok to check up on everyone else, but aren't you going to tell them what I've been up to? Nobody cares about how sick you have been - geesh - that's so boring. This is supposed to be MY blog!

My aunt and uncle got me this cool Indianapolis Colts fleece - I love it.

Too bad they aren't still playing for the Super Bowl. It's all my uncle's fault. The Colts have lost every game that Uncle Chris has been at this year, and he just HAD to go to the playoff game on his birthday - thanks a lot Uncle Chris!

I can't believe that mama put this picture on here!! I'm so embarrassed!! (note from mom: Alex has been obsessed with anything "pretty" lately. The other day he got this nightie out of drawer and INSISTED on wearing it around the house. I had to cross the arms to keep him from stepping on it. I have even more pictures, and I CAN'T wait until prom night!!!)

Here I am with one of my LaLas. I LOVE my LaLas. Dada bought this for me and I love it. (note from mom: Along with his pretty obsession is anything that is Pink and Princess. He has this new nightlight and two phones with Disney Princesses on them. He calls all of it LaLa. We think he's using that to mean anything pretty. LaLa is almost taking the place of Dora for the first place in his heart!)

We were out to lunch a couple of weeks ago. I usually have some small toys in the diaper bag for him to play with. He was playing with his toys, and started pointing to the back of this sheep and saying something that Jay and I couldn't quite understand. We finally got it - he was saying "PooPoo." I thought I was going to die laughing!!!

and I have to admit - it does sort of look like poo poo. :)

Alex is trying to talk more and more and more - most of the time I can understand him as he still uses his sign language. He really likes to dance, play with his matchbox cars, stack things, knock them down and play "night-night."


The Collins Family said...

I agree with Prince Alex. Mommy needs to put more of this cute stuff on her blog!

Becca said...

If Alex's poo poo is pink you need to rush him to the doctor! Stat! And I love the picture of him in the dress - blackmail!


Rachel said...

Alex is adorable! :)

Alleen said...

heee heeee. definite prom night material!

Mandy said...

Found your blog from some other sites. Your son is adorable! I am an OH(IO) state fan too!

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Yeah go COLTS! Uncle Chris is the person to blame! Good, I was trying to find someone to be angry with! :-)

(Not sure about the Ohio State stuff, Go Blue!) ;)

Susan said...

He is so cute. My husband would be having a fit about his love for the princesses. I have a picture of my son in his sisters bikini when he was a baby. It's great blackmail material, just like the pic of Alex in your nightgown. :)

My son LOVED his matchbox cars. He had TONS OF THEM!We just sold a bunch in a garage sale. A cute Grandma bought a bunch for her grandchildren when they come over. She complimented Sean on taking such good care of them!

Mandy said...

Sorry, should have said -- my cousins adopted a little girl from Guatemala last year and are in the process of adopting two from Ethiopia. I love reading and learning about adoption!

Carrie said...

Love the "blogging" photos.

It is ok that he likes LaLa's--he is secure with his masculinity! Real men wear pink. He will touch a lot of hearts with his sensitive side.

He looks so grown up in his fleece sweatshirt.

Ok, we have that same barn animal and I also take it in the diaper bag for entertainment so I better get prepared.

Thanks for the update and I hope you are feeling better. I have missed you.

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Love the dress picture!! You must save that for the teen years.