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Friday, May 04, 2007

Our Trip

We had a great trip to my parent's house last weekend. We did end up leaving after work on Wednesday. We drove for a little over an hour before stopping for dinner. Alex slept for the full hour. After dinner, we put Alex in his jammies, and made his bottle. He sat in his seat, took his bottle and then played with his toys and jabbered until 10:00 (his usual bed time is 7:30-8:00!!). Even though it was late - he was perfect. He then slept the entire way to my parents (we arrived about 12:30) and transfered into the crib without waking up.

Thursday and Friday we hung out and went to Sauder Farm and Craft Village. This is a really cool place in my home town that I've been to a thousand times. They are always adding things and improving it, so even though I've been there a lot, it's always a little different. My mom volunteers in the gift shop, so she can get us in for free. They have this new part, Little Pioneers Homestead, that is designed especially for little kids. The main part is Mary Ann's Cabin. Everything is child sized. They can wash, dry, and iron clothes, make a bed, rock a baby to sleep, cook, do puzzles, play with games, etc.

Alex had fun "making soup." We aren't exactly sure that's what he was doing, but that's what we said he was doing. He spent the entire time stirring the spoon in these little cups.

He loved it so much, we ended up buying him a spoon, saucer, cup set. He had a lot of fun as he was the only little one in the cabin.

The other place is called Miller's Barn. There is a fake cow in there that the kids can actually milk. It's pretty cool. Alex wasn't too sure about it!

Then there are chickens where you can collect the eggs. He thought this was pretty fun.....

....but he really wanted to eat the eggs.

We also went and checked out the new train. We'll have to go back sometime so Alex can ride the train.


Soltana said...
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Soltana said...

Sorry I clicked something wrong... Looks like you guys have fun...Tell Alex I'll be there before you know it..I'd like some hot soup waiting...It'll be winter before I get there :)

Farrah said...

Looks like a blast, I love little old timey places like that. I have to drive 3 hours to St Augustine to see stuff like that. Glad ya'll had a good time!

Alleen said...

What a fun time!!!!!!!!

The Wheelers said...

What a neat place! Glad you all had a nice trip!