I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Purses Anyone?

I LOVE purses. It is my weakness.

Through this adoption process I've met some really neat people. One person that I met on the a.com forum has a daughter that is one (or two days) younger than Alex. She and her husband are also Ohio State fans, so we've had fun getting to know each other.

Stephanie is a wonderfully creative person, and she has a business where she sells custom designed/made purses. I just ordered one this week and it came today. I LOVE it. (I just may have to order one of each!)

If you like purses, check out SammiBag . Stephanie and her husband have just found out that her daughter's birthmom is having another baby. They are trying to raise money for the second adoption in case they decide to move forward. All proceeds from the sale of the bags are going into the potential adoption fund.


ginger said...

I don't really like purses. I am more of a backpack girl. However, I do have a lot of family and friends that love purses. So, I am on my way to check those out. After all it is for a great cause.

Carrie said...

I used to like purses, but now it is all about the diaper bag. I have five different versions. I might get a Sammibag to give as a gift though.