I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Day in My Life

I really like to play with the cat, Lucky. Lucky seems to like me too.

Lucky likes to rub up against me, and I like to try to grab him.
We like to lay on the floor together. He cracks me up!!
Hey, Lucky, you aren't going to just lay there are you?
Surprise! It's me!! Can you believe that he ran away right after this picture was taken?
Ok - mommy finally got me out of those jammies. (do you see them on the floor) I was concentrating really hard right here.
Wait - mommy - do you see what I see??
Could it really be? Is it possible?
It is!!! It's the Wiggles!!! I LOVE the Wiggles.
See, mommy? They are walking on the moon!!

Now it's mommy's turn. I just love those short rompers. I just hope that we get warm enough in my lifetime to put him back in them!! We've been so cold (as I think everyone has). It's not even supposed to get out of the 40's today. I'd love to take Alex to the park, or for a walk, but it's just too cold.
Alex is still not sleeping at daycare. Monday he slept 30 minutes, Tuesday was 1 hour, and yesterday was 20 minutes. This can't be good for him! I just don't know what to do anymore. More than likely he will sleep for 4-6 hours today. Which means I still don't get to play with him as he's either going to be sleeping or eating.
Alex is starting to give me kisses - you know those open mouth baby slobber kind - and I love it.
Oh - and I almost forgot! We got a great package of stuff from our SBP!! Thanks whoever you are. I'll get pictures and post. Alex got some toys, a romper, and mommy got some bath stuff. Love it!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm seriously jealous of you. I'm going to have to talk to my boss about a parttime gig. Andrew and I only get that kind of time together on the weekends and with family, church, errands, I'm not getting this wonderful time with him that you clearly are. It sounds like both of you are having such a great time together. It is wonderful to peek in on your life. Thanks for the blog. - Sandra and Andrew who took the childproof lock off the medicine cabinet yesterday morning (yikes!).

Soltana said...

I agree with you about the weather..comon already.... LOL... I want to be outside as much as the kids do.... love your kitty pictures!! they seem to get along...Have a great day!!

ginger said...

I totally agree about the weather. Looks like Alex has a GREAT life!!!

The Wheelers said...

Looks like Lucky is very good with Alex. They are so cute together!

I totally agree about the weather. Spring should be here by now!!!

Carrie said...

We have an orange cat too who Savannah loves and he just tolerates her. Those photos are so cute. That is a BIG TV to watch the Wiggles on. Wow! I am dying for warm weather too. I feel that Savannah will never get to wear her spring and summer outfits. We are in Canada right now and the weather is awful and they are predicting more winter.