I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Friday, April 13, 2007

More Pictures of My Busy Boy!!

Here are some pictures from Alex's fun with our underwear. Some of them are out of focus, but I still love them. (and you will notice that I look really excited in these pictures)

This is Alex hugging his Oso (oso is bear in Spanish - and I think I spelled it right). This is a Build-a-Bear that we made before our visit trip. I recorded my voice in it, and gave it to him on our trip. We told our FM that we wanted it back at pick-up. He LOVES this bear. He gets SOOOO excited when he sees it, and loves to "hug" it. There is no doubt that Clara made a big deal about this bear.
Here is Alex with his Elmo table. I know that many of you have this same table. Alex just adores it. But, are we the only ones that have a table that devours batteries? He doesn't have any other toy that goes through batteries like this does.

Alex will spend 30 minutes taking the top off of this toy chest and then playing with it. He's such a busy little boy!!


Bekah said...

Kim, He is so precious. I love all of his faces in the laundry basket. Too cute. Have a wonderful weekend!

Soltana said...

it's always soooexciting when you have to do laundry :)... he looks like he's having fun. Cerah likes to put the laundry on her head and laugh...I guess what ever keeps her busy..:)
Have a great weekend

ginger said...

He is too cute!!! I love the basket shots!!

Trace said...

What a sweet little guy! I think that the foster mother route in Guatemala is so great! More than once I've heard VERY positive things about them from adoptive mothers which just makes me feel good about the process (even though we're adopting domestically, LOL). I'm glad everything is going so well for you guys!

Krystal said...

OK, Alex hugging the bear just melted my heart -- so sweet!

Alleen said...

I only wish I could get Gabriella to do something for more than 30 seconds, much less 30 minutes. I am only half joking with DH that I swear she already shows signs of ADHD.

Natalie said...

What a sweet little guy! Love the laundry pics!