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Friday, November 23, 2007

...And We're Off!!

I hope eveyone had a great Thanksgiving! We are packing up today and hit the air tomorrow to start our vacation. I'll be taking my computer and camera, so I should be blogging next week.

I was inspired by Kerry to take a video of Alex saying some of his words.




Kerry said...

I love it! It looks like he has "no" down too!

I don't care what you say. He's a genius.

nikki said...

How cute is that video!!!!!!!!!
What a smart little boy you are Alex!!!!!!!!!!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

That is so cute!!!

Alleen said...

Enjoy FL!!! I still wish we were closer :-(

He's a smartie, we all know that!!

Katie said...

Cutie - he is talking good !!!!

Becca said...

That is the sweetest thing in the world! I thought of another good book - The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier.

Carrie said...

Have a fun and safe trip!

Glad you are all feeling better and back with the living.

The video is SO adorable. Savannah won't do anything "on command."

Can't wait to see vactgion pics.

Lori & Robby said...

Love that video! We've just got to plan a playdate soon so I can see that boy in person!

Trying not to be jealous that you are in Florida right now... :)

Muriel and Jerry said...

Pooh? Pooh? You like pooh don't you? hahahahaha

I loved the video. He is so much bigger then jsut a few months ago. Too cute.

Kris and Mindy said...

How adorable! Have a great trip!


Lou said...

That little man is just precious!!! I wish I was in Florida too!!!!

Christine said...

Have a great vacation!

Lori said...

He is getting so grown up!! Wow!! Isn't it amazing how much they change when they start talking!! Cute!!

Have a great trip!