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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Can You Help?

Two of my blogger buddies are trying to help out two more of my blogger buddies.

Krystal and Sig are both working on unexpected adoptions.

Krystal and her husband adopted a boy from Guatemala, had a bio baby girl, and started an adoption of a second son from Guatemala. This child also had a bio brother that was going to be adopted by another family. That family thought it would be important for the brothers to stay together so Krystal's family had the opportunity to adopt both boys. This was an unexpected additional expense. They are doing everything they can to raise the money for these two adoptions.

Sig's family also just finished the adoption of their daughter (to join their bio kids) and just found out that they can adopt a beautiful girl from Azerbaijan. They attempted to adopt Tarana a couple years ago, but at the time it just wasn't going to work. They are also doing everything they can to pay for this adoption.

Julia and Holly are sponsoring an amazing raffle. Please check out their websites to learn more about these great families and see what they are giving away.

If you have the opportunity, please consider giving what you can. All proceeds will be split between Krystal and Sig. I've had the privilege of meeting Krystal and her family (they live not too far from me) and her children at home are beautiful and I'm sure Gerson and Elviz will fit right in. (I haven't had the opportunity to meet Sig in person, but she has a huge heart with a lot of love to give!!) These are amazing families that are just trying to give three amazing kids a forever family.

And if you can't give any money, please keep these families in your prayers as they work to bring these kids home.

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The McKenzie Crew said...

Thanks so much for posting this kim - and I am so excited about everyone having the opportunity to help bring these children home to the families that love and value them:)

Love to you and your,