I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alex's Latest

**Edited to add a few more items I forgot**

Since this is where I'm documenting what Alex is doing, I figured I needed to do an update.

He is talking - ALL THE TIME - and NON-STOP (yes, mom, paybacks). He is putting his own sentences together and repeats everything we say. Some of my favorites:

Mommy, I do it - which actually means, Mommy, do it for me (this one took me quite awhile to figure out)

'Cause - which he says after he has been in time out and I ask him why he was put into time out

Mommy (Dora, Gego, etc.), were ahhh you?? - said very loud and kind of sing-songy - with his hands cupped to his mouth

Mommy, watch me! - yes, he is starting this already!!!


We were over at our friend's mom and dad's house Monday for a picnic. They have a playset in the back yard. The steps to climb to go down the slide are not actually steps, but bars that go straight up. He started climbing up (after his best friend, Zach) and I didn't even think his little legs were long enough to attempt the climb. I had the baby up on the deck and Jay was gone. He actually climbed all the way up BY HIMSELF!!! When he got about half way up, I just couldn't watch anymore. I was so proud of him.


He's become very possessive of the baby. He calls him "My Baby." He brings the baby toys, blankets, and diapers. The other night we were getting ready to go upstairs and read books before bed. Alex started saying, "Need Wack, Need Wack, Need Wack" I had NO idea what he was talking about. He then ran into the piano room and came back with a plastic, bath book and said, "For Baby." (it was a duck book - Wack was supposed to be Quack) He wanted to make sure that the baby had a book to read!! How sweet is that??


He's becoming so much more independent. At the Memorial Day picnic on Monday, he sat at a little kids table by himself and ate (and played with the other kids). He ran off into the playroom and played, he ran around in the yard and played - and I was no where around. I was as proud of myself as I was of him. :)


He takes his little Dora and Diego "action figures" (that makes me feel like he's more of a boy!) and bangs them together. He then tells Diego that he needs to go into time out. Diego then has to go into time out. After he gets out of time out he has to tell whoever he hurt (usually Dora) he is sorry and give her a hug. :)


At least once a day he says, "Lean Up! Everybody Lean Up!" (clean up - for those of you who don't speak Alexese) It's pretty cute - and he does a pretty good job of cleaning up. I'm trying to enjoy it now as I know that won't last forever.


Soltana said...

Don't you LOVE it when you're suppose to know what they're saying:)

He's such a big boy..

carla said...

lean up!

priceless :)


Kelly said...

What a big boy! I know you are a proud Mommy and why wouldn't you be?

Becca said...

Don't these things make you both happy and sad at the same time? Being a mommy is hard and fabulous!

Peace and Hugs,

The Nowlin Family said...

Hi Kim. I'm Carolyn who I met you at the zoo Friday! Check out my blog at www.samandshep.blogspot.com
Look forward to seeing you again. Samantha is 2-1/2. Our gotcha day is 8/3/06 - almost 2yrs ago! Both alex were very cute! or should I say handsome!