I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some Randomness

Thank you so much for the prayers for Baby A.! They are working. We have one of the letters we need for the donation of the surgery, we have our homestudy scheduled with Jody, and with the help of some of my local blogger friends, we have been able to secure a donation of general pediatric care!!! Baby A. went to the doctor in Guatemala yesterday and had his final physical, his visa picture taken, and his parents have signed the power of attorney.

There are still a couple more hurdles to jump - and I may not know for sure that he's coming until next Wednesday - but it's looking better every hour!!


Here's a conversation Alex and I had tonight.

Alex: No White (Snow White), Cinellla (Cinderella), Belle, Aweelll (Ariel)
Me: Alex, who is your favorite LaLa? Is it Cinderella?
Alex: Hummm...No...Mommy

:) Make my heart melt. I almost gave him M&Ms for dinner! :)


I've decided that I'm going to start a private blog to detail Baby A's journey with us. This way his parents can see what is going on with him. I decided to make it private for their protection. If you would like to be invited to the blog, please send me an email at kimhartz @ hotmail.com (remove the spaces!) If you don't think I know you, please let me know how we are connected. I probably won't have anything ready until next week, so you have some time to email me.


Alex sent me flowers today for Mother's Day - they are very pretty, but I'm not sure how he got his hand on daddy's debit card!!


I looked out the window today in our side yard and I saw a HUGE snapping turtle crawling through the grass. Jay went out tonight, put him in a garbage can, and took him across the road. There used to be a pond in our neighbor's pasture, but it's gone now. We think he was headed to find a new home. The property across the street from us has a huge pond, so hopefully he will have a good life over there. The joys of living out in the country.


Alleen said...

ooooh, I hope baby A clears all the hurdles and gets to come and get the surgery he needs.

I'm thinking I would have served the M&Ms for dinner ;-) How sweet.

I tried bribing Gabriella with crackers, cookies, cake and whatever I could think of to potty last night. Didn't work. It's not going so well. She freaks out every time now.

The Hoosier Herald said...
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The Hoosier Herald said...

Things are sounding pretty good for Baby A. I hope things work out...I'll keep him in my thoughts. Please tell Alex I said Happy Belated Birthday! I love the pictures...he is so cute. Hope things are going well with you. We need to get together soon.

Sarah said...

You know I am so excited about Baby A - please send me an invite to his blog!

Happy Mothers Day!! Enjoy snuggling on one Alex for one last Sunday for a while!

Soltana said...


You know I wanna be invited!!!

I would have given him the M&M's!!!

Have a Great Mother's day!!!

nikki said...

Praying that baby A gets past all the redtape to come here.
Alex is just too sweet, I would have given him an M&M ice cream sunday for that conversation!!!

Jennifer said...

We've been praying for Baby A... we hope he is on his way here next week. :)

Lori & Robby said...

Please invite me to Baby A's private blog. I can't wait for him to get here!

nikki said...

Happy Mother's Day Kim!!!!

Carrie said...

That is wonderful about Baby A.

That is a precious conversation, Princess Mommy! That equals a very Happy Mother's Day.

Glad all the plans are falling into to place.

I would like an invite to your private blog. I think you have my e-mail, but I will e-mail you.

LouLou said...

I am so excited that things are happening for baby A! Please send me an invite to the blog;