I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the City **SPOILER ALERT**

If you haven't seen it, and you don't want to know anything, move on to your next blog. (and I really liked the movie. It felt like a really long episode)

Did anyone else go see it last night? If so, I have a few questions.

It looks like the version we saw at our local movie theatre was a poorly edited version, and I didn't know if that was the way for everyone. There were about 5-8 scenes where we could see the boom mike at the top of the screen, and even one section where we could see the lighting stuff. The theatre couldn't stop laughing. I've never seen anything like that before at the movie theatre.

Was anyone else bothered by the Charlotte story line. Not so much that she got pregnant, but that "her doctor told her that many people get pregnant after adopting." I sat there and thought - great - there we go again - lets get even MORE women thinking that it happens all the time. And did anyone else notice that Lily was in almost every scene until Charlotte got pregnant, and then she didn't appear again (until the final scene). She wasn't even at the hospital when her sister was born. I'm sure I'm just being overly sensitive. :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday - PJ Party

Favorite Foto Friday this week is PJ Party.

These two pictures were taken on different days - but he's in the same pj's. And the funny thing is, we aren't even Chicago Bears fans. These are hand me downs - but the only recent pictures I have with him in pj's are these!! Happy Weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alex's Latest

**Edited to add a few more items I forgot**

Since this is where I'm documenting what Alex is doing, I figured I needed to do an update.

He is talking - ALL THE TIME - and NON-STOP (yes, mom, paybacks). He is putting his own sentences together and repeats everything we say. Some of my favorites:

Mommy, I do it - which actually means, Mommy, do it for me (this one took me quite awhile to figure out)

'Cause - which he says after he has been in time out and I ask him why he was put into time out

Mommy (Dora, Gego, etc.), were ahhh you?? - said very loud and kind of sing-songy - with his hands cupped to his mouth

Mommy, watch me! - yes, he is starting this already!!!


We were over at our friend's mom and dad's house Monday for a picnic. They have a playset in the back yard. The steps to climb to go down the slide are not actually steps, but bars that go straight up. He started climbing up (after his best friend, Zach) and I didn't even think his little legs were long enough to attempt the climb. I had the baby up on the deck and Jay was gone. He actually climbed all the way up BY HIMSELF!!! When he got about half way up, I just couldn't watch anymore. I was so proud of him.


He's become very possessive of the baby. He calls him "My Baby." He brings the baby toys, blankets, and diapers. The other night we were getting ready to go upstairs and read books before bed. Alex started saying, "Need Wack, Need Wack, Need Wack" I had NO idea what he was talking about. He then ran into the piano room and came back with a plastic, bath book and said, "For Baby." (it was a duck book - Wack was supposed to be Quack) He wanted to make sure that the baby had a book to read!! How sweet is that??


He's becoming so much more independent. At the Memorial Day picnic on Monday, he sat at a little kids table by himself and ate (and played with the other kids). He ran off into the playroom and played, he ran around in the yard and played - and I was no where around. I was as proud of myself as I was of him. :)


He takes his little Dora and Diego "action figures" (that makes me feel like he's more of a boy!) and bangs them together. He then tells Diego that he needs to go into time out. Diego then has to go into time out. After he gets out of time out he has to tell whoever he hurt (usually Dora) he is sorry and give her a hug. :)


At least once a day he says, "Lean Up! Everybody Lean Up!" (clean up - for those of you who don't speak Alexese) It's pretty cute - and he does a pretty good job of cleaning up. I'm trying to enjoy it now as I know that won't last forever.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I didn't post this weekend as Alex was pretty much sick the whole weekend. It was too bad - we had beautiful weather and he has a new playset.

He just had a fever - no other symptoms - and he didn't sleep well. (made for a long weekend)
These next pictures just make me laugh.

And I finally got a half way decent video of Alex dancing. (I have no idea what the audio is like - the sound is not working on my computer)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

Ok - so I'm not very good at this - I think this is my second time participating in FFF.
This is definitely my favorite picture from the week. This was the first time that Alex wanted anything to do with Baby A. It was so sweet. (after this picture he gave him a kiss!!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fostering Blog is Now Open!

After talking with Sharon at Mayan Families, we have decided to make our fostering blog public. There has been a lot of interest in Baby A (whose name is Alex, by the way - how confusing is it in our house!?!) and this way more people can follow along.

If you were invited to the private blog, this just means that you will no longer need to log in to read it, and you can add it to your blog reader.

If you weren't invited, come check it out!

From Your Hands to Ours and Back to Yours

Monday, May 19, 2008

Things I Had Forgotten...and Things I'm Learning

Things I Had Forgotten

1. I forgot how horrible formula smells - YUCK

2. I forgot how much a pain it is to wash bottles - especially when the little one will only take one of two nipples (Alex was like this when he first came home)

3. I forgot how much my back hurts when trying to swing a baby to sleep

4. I forgot that at 8 months, they still do little more then sleep, eat, poop/pee, and roll around on the floor

5. I forgot that little boys at this age can pee in a stream that will always hit me on the shirt. (and Baby A. has a geyser on him!!)

6. I forgot how interesting the top to the bottle can be and that it makes a pretty good teething toy

7. I forgot how a baby smile can just light up the room

8. I forgot how much I love those little cooing sounds they make as they are falling asleep

9. I forgot how amazing it feels to have a little one burying his head in your shoulder

10. I forgot how much laundry I used to do

Things I'm Learning

1. I now know what a pooplosion is (Alex has never had one)

2. I now know the exact angle to hold a bottle so that a severely cleft baby can still take a bottle

3. I now know that the terry burp cloths from Wal Mart suck

4. I now know that it doesn't matter what language you speak - you can still get a baby to laugh

WARNING: Discussion of bodily fluids coming up - if you are eating, you may want to come back later.

As a side note, we were up ALL night last night. And it wasn't because of Baby A. Alex woke up at midnight screaming. Jay went upstairs and the next thing I hear is the bathtub running - never a good sign. Alex threw up everywhere and spent the next 5 hours have dry heaves every hour or so. This is the first time Alex has gotten sick like this. It was HORRIBLE and I felt so bad for him. At one point in time Alex was awake, and Baby A. woke up from a horrible nightmare (at least we're pretty sure that's what he's doing). I was trying to put Baby A back to sleep, and Alex kept screaming for me. I've never felt so horrible as a mother then that exact moment. Alex stayed home with Baby A and I today. He was much better during the day, so I hope it was just a short virus.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reverting and Cat Cuteness

Alex continues to do REALLY well with Baby A. Much better then I expected. We have still had our meltdowns, and he likes to run into our room, slamming the door, when the baby is sleeping, but it's all stuff we can deal with.

As I expected, Alex is doing a little bit of reverting. His favorite thing right now is to crawl into the exersaucer.

The other day, I went up to check on Alex when he was taking a nap, and this is what I saw - made me laugh!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

We Survived the First Night

Well, things went well - and I even got some sleep.

Alex has been WONDERFUL this morning. He has been very helpful, has been sharing his toys and has generally been very nice to the baby.

The invitations for the private blog have gone out. If you didn't get one, or would like to be invited, please either leave a comment, or send me an email at kimhartz @ hotmail . com. If you sent me a request and you haven't heard from me, please contact me again. This is my first try at a private blog and I'm a little afraid I've missed someone.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

T-Minus 24 1/2 hours and counting

Baby A. will be here tomorrow night!! The medical visa has been issued, and so we just need to make sure that he gets to the airport tomorrow afternoon.

I'm a wreck!! I can't think straight - my stomach is in knots - and I feel like I'm forgetting something.

Please keep praying for peace for Baby A's parents. I know that his mom is very anxious - and I certainly don't blame her!!!

I may not post again until Friday. (and I hope that the private blog invites go out on Friday - but it might be over the weekend)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Would You Like to Help?

I've had people ask me if they can help us with Baby A. I think we are doing ok, but I do have one way that you can help.

Mayan Families has been paying for Baby A and his family to go to the city to get the paperwork done for his trip. According to my calculations, he will have to travel three times. (once for the doctor, today for his visa visit, and Thursday to go to the airport) Mayan Families does not own their own van, so they have to hire a driver to go back and forth to the city (and I'm pretty sure it's about a 3 hour trip).

If you go here and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a PayPal button that will allow you to contribute money to Mayan Families' Operations Program. Any amount will help replenish these funds. Your contributions are 100% tax deductible, and you will not only receive your PayPal receipt, but you will also receive an email receipt from Mayan Families for your records.

Even if it's just $20 - it will help this organization!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Quick Update

We have the hospital letter!!! Just two more hurdles to jump, but it's looking pretty good.

And now that she has finally posted, I can say who is bring Baby Alex to the United States. Go here to find out which special blogger friend is doing us a huge favor!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a Weekend!!

We've had a very interesting weekend in our house.

It was about noon on Thursday when I realized that Alex hadn't had his paci at all that day. I decided that we should probably start breaking the habit. Alex hasn't had a paci during the day at all since then - only naps and bed at night (only in his crib). We've had a few melt downs, but for the most part it has gone well - until today.

He was playing with another little girl's princess dolls today. When Jay tried to get him to give them back, he started having a melt down. And you know, melt down isn't even the right work - it was bigger than that. (this was going on during the Mother's Day brunch) Jay and I took him into the sanctuary, but I don't think it mattered. He screamed (and I mean huge breath - top of his lungs - screaming), he cried, he hit, he scratched, he threw my glasses. It was horrible. It lasted for about 15 minutes. He finally calmed down enough for us to try to get him to eat. He was still crying, and not happy. My friend took him into the nursery where (bless her heart) the nursery worker gave him the princess doll back!! Yikes!! So, it started all over again. Jay ended up taking him home where he proceeded to scream for another 45 minutes before passing out.

I think he just hasn't figured out how to calm himself down without the paci. I hope he doesn't have any breakdowns like that tomorrow at daycare.

I knew that this would happen - but wow - it was horrible.

It also hit me tonight that we are about to have another baby in this house. I know - I've known about this for a couple of months - I've been excited about it - and was actually quite crushed when it looked like he might not be coming. I know I'll be fine (at least I think I will).

We also had our homestudy this weekend, and it looks like we passed. :) There is one more letter that needs to get done first thing tomorrow morning. Needless to say, I'll be stalking my email tomorrow.

(oh - and if you've emailed me about being invited to the private blog, assume you will be unless you hear from me. I'll be sending out invitations later this week)

Happy Belated Mother's Day to everyone!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some Randomness

Thank you so much for the prayers for Baby A.! They are working. We have one of the letters we need for the donation of the surgery, we have our homestudy scheduled with Jody, and with the help of some of my local blogger friends, we have been able to secure a donation of general pediatric care!!! Baby A. went to the doctor in Guatemala yesterday and had his final physical, his visa picture taken, and his parents have signed the power of attorney.

There are still a couple more hurdles to jump - and I may not know for sure that he's coming until next Wednesday - but it's looking better every hour!!


Here's a conversation Alex and I had tonight.

Alex: No White (Snow White), Cinellla (Cinderella), Belle, Aweelll (Ariel)
Me: Alex, who is your favorite LaLa? Is it Cinderella?
Alex: Hummm...No...Mommy

:) Make my heart melt. I almost gave him M&Ms for dinner! :)


I've decided that I'm going to start a private blog to detail Baby A's journey with us. This way his parents can see what is going on with him. I decided to make it private for their protection. If you would like to be invited to the blog, please send me an email at kimhartz @ hotmail.com (remove the spaces!) If you don't think I know you, please let me know how we are connected. I probably won't have anything ready until next week, so you have some time to email me.


Alex sent me flowers today for Mother's Day - they are very pretty, but I'm not sure how he got his hand on daddy's debit card!!


I looked out the window today in our side yard and I saw a HUGE snapping turtle crawling through the grass. Jay went out tonight, put him in a garbage can, and took him across the road. There used to be a pond in our neighbor's pasture, but it's gone now. We think he was headed to find a new home. The property across the street from us has a huge pond, so hopefully he will have a good life over there. The joys of living out in the country.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

National Day of Prayer for Guatemalan Orphans

One of my blogger buddies, JuJu , is calling for a National Day of Prayer for the kids in Guatemala for tomorrow.

Current adoptions from Guatemala are currently on hold and things are very scary right now for people in process.

Please take some time tomorrow to pray for all the children in process, and for their families. Please also pray for all of the orphans in Guatemala who, right now, have no chance of becoming part of a forever family.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Prayers Again!!

Ok - I had this whole idea for another post tonight, but something else has taken precedence!!

Here's the latest on Baby A. It looked like it might be the end of June before he would be getting here. His parents were asking about it last week, and were concerned about the amount of time it was taking and how he was getting older. They started rethinking having him come here. (and who could blame them!!)

So, it was then either end of June - or not at all.

They JUST got the hospital to commit to the donation of the OR TODAY. Baby A is going to the doctor tomorrow for the final physician paperwork, and Sharon is going to check and see if the parents will let him come - NEXT WEEK!!!!!!

There is someone (that I know) who is going to Guatemala next week and she would be bringing him back.

Please pray that Jody is able to get the paperwork done SUPER quick. Please pray that the US Embassy will issue the medical visa next week SUPER QUICK. Please pray that Baby A's parents are at peace with him coming to the US.

So - now we are looking at either the end of June - not at all - or next Thursday!!!!


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Alex's Birthday Dinner

I didn't want to call it a party, as I didn't want anyone to bring him presents - but no one listened to me. :)

Here are some pictures. (I realized, again, yesterday that I'm horrible at taking pictures. I'd rather enjoy the event then take pictures of it. Is that horrible? Am I going to regret that later on? I don't know - it's just not something that I'm used to doing)
The theme was Dora. (It was almost Disney Princesses, but decided to stick with Dora)
While we were waiting for everyone to arrive (including the pizza which was 25 minutes late) Alex thought it would be fun to start his cup stacking career.
We had pizza for dinner - Alex's favorite.

Alex got some great gifts, but I can't post most of the pictures. These are even pushing it!! (It was hard to get pictures of just Alex without all the other kids in there)

He enjoyed having everyone sing Happy Birthday to him, but wasn't sure what to do after that. Needless to say, the 2 1/2 to 3 year olds in the room took care of the candle for him!!

We had a great evening. I'm so glad we decided to do something small and low key. It kept my stress level way down.

In fact, here's the funny story. Our plan was to order pizza from our local pizza place in our small town. We love their pizza and it would be very easy for Jay to run over and pick it up. I called at about 3:45 to order the pizza to be ready by 6:30. The main guy answers the phone and proceeds to tell me that they are closed!!! What??!?!? Come to find out, they are always closed on Derby Day (today) and last year they were open on Oaks Day (Friday before) and they had horrible business. They decided, this year, to be open for lunch but to close for the evening. So, here I sat, about 3 hours before the party with no pizza!! I ended up calling Papa Johns in the town next door and they would deliver, so it ended up being fine. (even though they were late)

Friday, May 02, 2008


Today is Alex's 2nd Birthday. I don't know where the time has gone. Two years ago today, Jay and I had no idea that our precious little one was being born. We were still trying to get the last pieces of our dossier together and wondering when we might be parents.

Alex, I hope you always know how much your mommy and daddy love you. We think you are amazing and we are so glad that God picked you to be in our family.

We are having a little party tonight (just close friends/family) with pizza, cake and ice cream. This is also Derby weekend in Kentucky - the best weekend of the year!!

Here are some birthday pictures:

Two Years Ago

One Year Ago

This Year

(don't miss my post below from last night - God is amazing!!)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Interesting Business Trip

I wasn't exactly looking forward to my business trip on Tuesday. It wasn't that I didn't want to go visit this client - I actually like this client - and I was pretty sure it would be a good meeting. But, to travel all day for a 2 hour meeting and then just be further behind at work was not very appealing to me.

As I got off the plane, it hit me, we were in Dallas (I know - I should have realized that before). We flew through Dallas on our pick up trip for Alex, and this was the first time I had been back since then. I was pretty teary eyed as I got off the plane, as the surroundings brought back LOTS of memories.

We get to the client's office (after I picked up my boss and another work colleague at another client's location). We had to walk across this median that was grass and big stone/concrete walking stones. As we were walking (me in heels), I decided to get my Blackberry out to find the phone number of my client. (yeah - bad idea) Next thing I know, I'm on the ground - Blackberry, purse and backpack all on the ground - ankle hurting - and knee in major pain. Luckily I didn't really hurt myself, I didn't tear my pants and I wasn't bleeding. I was so embarrassed!!! (and in pain)

We had a good meeting and got back to the airport. My boss headed back to her hometown and my work colleague and I had a few hours to kill before our plane left. We were sitting eating dinner when I noticed a Dad walking with a young one. When I looked at the child, my first thought was, "I think he's from Guatemala." I couldn't stop staring.

As we were leaving the restaurant, I noticed the same little boy, but now with a mommy. I decided to be bold. I walked up to the couple and asked them if their son was born in Guatemala. They said yes and that they were coming home with him!! I immediately got out my Blackberry to share a picture of Alex with them. When I asked them where home was, they said (get this!!), Louisville!!!! Can you believe that there was a new Guatemalan Kentuckian coming home on my flight!!!! I was so excited and happy for them. They had been in the Dallas airport for almost 8 hours with a 17 month old. They were doing well, as was their little one, but they were ready to get home.

Got on the plane to go home - and had a seat all the way in the back of the plane. (which I switched to at the airport because I wanted an aisle seat) I was lucky enough to not have anyone in the middle seat, and there was a young gentleman in the window seat. We started chatting. I got out my book (Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul - a MUST buy if you like the Chicken Soup books - I've cried many times). He saw the book I was reading and started asking some questions. I then spent almost the entire 2 hour flight talking about adoption with him. He and his wife are interested and have just started having conversations. So we talked about all the options (private domestic/foster-adopt/international) and the pros and cons of each. It was a wonderful trip home, I think he was fighting his wife on the concept (just based on some of his comments), and I think I gave him some things to think about.

As we got off the plane and out beyond security, there were about 25 people there welcoming the new little one to Kentucky and the tears started all over again.

I know for a fact that I was supposed to be in Dallas on Tuesday. I was supposed to be there to meet this new little one, and to talk to a potential prospective adoptive parent!! God is amazing!!!!