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Monday, January 08, 2007

My Apologies to the Adoption World

I can't believe what I did today. I've read all the articles on correct adoption language, and figured out what I was going to say to people.....and today I screwed up.

I actually told someone that Alex IS adopted!! He isn't adopted - he WAS adopted. It doesn't define him. :(

I just about kicked myself when it came out of my mouth. At least he's too young to understand at this point, so I have some time to get it figured out.

(Oh - and he's still sick - and my Buckeyes are SUCKING BIG TIME!!!! It's not a good night!)


Crystal said...

My hubby is heartbroken watching the game-- he went to bed because he could not watch anymore --I thought I was going to cry for him and Jim Tressel--it is so sad

I was cracking up at your post!! Kim you are just as cute as you can be I do the same thing!!! You are so funny!!!

Crystal said...

ps--Thank you for the comment about the Bible I am definatley going to buy our foster mother one in Spanish --that was such a great idea--my hubby was even like oh yeah what a great idea!!!

Natalie said...

Kim, I'm sure we are all going to make mistakes like that. It's bound to happen sometime. Just think... now you have your blooper out of the way and you don't have to worry about it anymore! :)
Hope poor little Alex gets feeling better very soon.

The Trace said...

I heard the news this morning. Sorry to here about your beloved Ohio State :-(.

Ok, so it was a little phrasing that wasn't PC. Don't beat yourself up. It's hard to use all the correct words all the time.

Ana's Mama said...

I am constantly being "politically incorrect"... it happens. It doesn't change how you feel about your Alex! :)

Funny story about the buckeyes... My boss is an Ohio Stage grad, and he has a little buckeye that you throw on your desk and it says "Go buckeys!" On bring your kids to work day, my stepson asked him... "Why does it say go Butt guy!" We all rolled it was so funny.

nikki said...

Wow I never even thought about how I say "She's adopted" Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I won't say it anymore.
Hope Alex feels better!!!!

Dominick's Mommy said...

I wouldn't have even thought of the "was" versus "is" thing. Don't worry, my husband aggrevates the sh*t out of me when he talks to other people and always refers to Dominick's birthmother as his "mother". I've told him a million times "I'M HIS MOTHER".

Alleen said...

Yeah, I hadn't really thought about "is" vs. "was" either. I've made the same blunder.