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Friday, January 12, 2007

An Open Letter to Mr. Murphy

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I know you have your "laws" and such, but did you really have to apply them to me last night?

It was bad enough that my beloved TiVo died. Do you realize that my TiVo box has been apart of my family for 6 years? I bought him for Jay for Christmas one year. We have loved our TiVo. He has provided us with hours of enjoyment. He was sick a few years ago and we had to have his hard drive replaced. It looks like his transplant has worn out. We are going to have to go out and buy a new box this weekend. (and in case you are wondering we don't have arrangements finalized for the old box - I'll let you know if you want to come)

Did you also know that last night was the first new episode of Grey's Anatomy? Again, I could deal with it, as it started at 9:00 - not too late. (although I was upset that I was actually going to have to watch commercials)

Then - you step in - and whip out one of your laws. According to Murphy's Law 89403.432 (I did look it up later) if a person's TiVo box dies on the same night that his/her favorite show is on, then that person's child MUST wake up during said show. It's better if the child not only wakes up, but has leaked his/her diaper resulting in a diaper change, clothes change and preferably a crib sheet change. Child must also not want to go back to bed - screaming and crying constantly during said show so that person involved will miss most of the show.

You know, Mr. Murphy, it would be nice if you shared these laws with us before they happen. We can then try to prepare ourselves better.




MAMB said...

Is there somewhere we can send flowers or donations in Tivo's memory? Ours is part of the family too. I don't know what we did back in the days when we had to watch commercials. Sorry you missed Grey's...mine is waiting on TiVo for me now. Are they still re-showing them on Friday nights? If so, maybe you can catch it if you don't tell Mr. Murphy.

Alleen said...

Oh man!

The Trace said...

Oh, Kim, I have been there and feel your pain. We have something called a MythTV which is like TiVo and last year we had problems with it. The irony was that it worked fine for all shows except Lost. It would stop working on Wednesday about 8:45. It was a difficult time period. Can you set it to recopy in the future?

Krystal said...

So funny!!! (not what happened, but your writing!) There's nothing like a "bed flood" to ruin your night!!!

Crystal said...

Kim--you are so funny!!! I was laughing so hard!!! You are the cutest!!!

GuateMom said...

Too funny! I was at a friend's house the other night babysitting and kept trying to pause the TV. Ooops they don't have TIVO. How do people survive without it? Hope you get a new one soon!


Debra said...

Grey's Anatomy is repeating this episode on Friday at 8pm