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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Podcasts Anyone?

Jay got me an iPod Nano for Christmas last year. I loaded some music on it, but it was difficult to manage since we didn't have internet access at home.

Now that we do, I've dug it back out and I'm starting to play around with it.

I've been trying to find some podcasts to subscribe to, but it's difficult to tell which ones are good. Does anyone subscribe to any podcasts? Do you have any suggestions? I like just about everything - sports, comedy, politics.

I think I could spend as much time managing my iPod as I do reading blogs! :)


Lori said...

Sorry the only podcasts that I'm aware of or have gotten are our pastors messages. www.quarrychurch.org

The Trace said...

Does your favorite radio station have music online? We really like the morning show of this one station and have followed these 2 DJ's from a number of area stations. Anyway, the station offers podcasts of their shows (http://www.wmmr.com/). Is there a favorite show that you're into? You could try doing internet research.

Shannon said...

You can go to itunes and download tons of free podcasts. I subscribe to ifit and I think it is called spanish coffee break (for when when we head to Guat.) Hope this helps...