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Friday, June 22, 2007

Adoption Stories

Before we even considered adopting, I was addicted to Adoption Stories on Discovery Health Channel. I have watched every episode. (and most more than once)

I haven't watched it in months. This morning was a Guatemala adoption - and I decided to watch it.

Big mistake. I am now:

1. Sitting here bawling like a baby. (they were at the Marriott - it brought back LOTS of memories)

2. Wanting to adopt again.

Yikes - I need to stop watching that show!!!!


Bekah said...

Go for it...Alex told me he wants a sibling. :)

ginger said...

I watch those every morning after work and cry myself to sleep.

Lori said...

AW....IT WILL BE OK!! Go for it!! You can do it!! Your a tough cookie!! I need to find these adopting stories shows etc..

Farrah said...

I say join the adopting again club.. You can do it.
Jump on my fundraising wagon!

Carrie said...

OMG Kim, I am addicted to that show and I watch the same ones over and over again and CRY and bawl everytime even when I know the outcome. There is one about Guatemala with a mom who got caught with Hague in 2003 and her baby came home at 18 months and she stayed where I fostered in the same room (it looks identical). They took it off about a month ago and I am missing it.

It always makes me want to adopt again, but then again everything does--any baby I see, anyone I hear about adopting, etc. My husband said we can start again once Savannah is home a year and she will be over 2 (probably closer to 3 when baby #2 comes home).

nikki said...

I know what you mean. They always make me cry.

Alleen said...

Oh man, I bawled my eyes out over the Guatemala ones too.