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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Anniversary Present

I told Jay that I wanted a new camera for my birthday. We've had our current digital camera for about 5 years. It's big and old and slow and I was really getting frustrated.

So, Jay researched and bought me this
It just came today. (and this ended up being our anniversary present since my birthday isn't until August!) I started playing around with it a little bit tonight, and I already love it!!!!

Here are the flowers Jay brought to me on Sunday. You can't really see them, but there are cala lilies in the bouquet. Our wedding flowers were cala lilies!! Can you believe that he remembered??

Here's Alex walking around.

Do you see what is in his hand? I am now officially a bad mommy. That is an Infant's Motrin bottle. He has been obsessed with it for the past couple of days. He HAS to have it in his hand and walk around with it. He threw a fit last night when I took it away from him when it was time to go to bed.

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Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Great camera with a great subject!!!

Lori said...

Happy Anniversary and what a cool camera!!

Soltana said...

I wish Larry would remember what flowers we had :)... Good job Jay!!! Love the camera... Cerah like to carry around the Tylenol(SP) bottle with the rubber dropper thing..so i cleaned one out and she carries EVERYWHERE!! He's just tooo darn cute!!!

Michelle Smiles said...

Happy Anniversary!

Is that the camera with the touch screen menu? If so, we have it and LOVE it. It's a great camera and very easy to use.

Alleen said...

You do what you gotta do!!! I have let Gabriella play with all sorts of stuff and it isn't worth the hissy to take it away.

Debra said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad to hear good camera comments. I have been shopping for a new one since I am having the same issues with my five year old Kodak.

Crystal said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! KIM this is so sweet!!! Alex is so cute carryng that bottle around --I am cracking up!!!!!!! so so so sweet!!!!!!!

I LOVE that camera!!!!!!!! He did a good job!!!!! aawwww Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori said...

Kim - Thanks for offering to help! I will probably pick your brain a little closer to school and once we have meds. Right now I'm overwhelmed with the info. Thanks again!

Carrie said...

What a nice camera! OUrs isn't that old, but it is slow to catch a toddler on the move. It is more for scenery.

You aren't a bad mommy. As long as the bottle isn't open. Pick your battles wisely is what I say and some just aren't worth it.

nikki said...

OMG, Olivia love the motrin bottle too. I always feel bad letting her play with it, she has to have the full one, she didn't like the fake empty one. Alex is adorable in his romper. Such a cutie