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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Meeting a Blog Buddy

This weekend is the A Helping Hand reunion picnic. We decided not to go. Then, Krystal (who also used AHH for Brayden Boy) asked me if we were going to the brunch. We didn't know anything about it, but she sent us the information.

I was really excited to go - for two reasons! This would give me a chance to meet Krystal, her husband, Brayden Boy and Parker G! Plus, our attorney, Cinthya, was going to be there.

So, we packed up the car (including the camera) and headed to the brunch this morning. (which we basically crashed!!)

I was reminded again of how much I love our attorney. We've been home for almost 9 months. The minute we walked in she knew immediately who we were. She was so excited to see him. I wondered if maybe she really didn't know Alex, but just knew it was one of her babies. I had brought some pictures along for her to take back. When I gave them to her she commented on how much Clara will enjoy the pictures!! She did know us - and remembered who Alex's FM was!! I was so impressed.

I also got to meet Autumn and Sophia Autumn had emailed me a while ago, and I'm not sure I ever emailed her back!!! Sorry Autumn - it was really nice to meet you and Sophia. (even if she is a bully!! ;)

Then the next best part!! I got to meet Krystal and her family. Let me just tell you - Brayden Boy and Parker G are even more gorgeous in person!! Parker is such a good little girl. There were many families back in a small room, and she just chilled in her car seat. She has those adorable pudgy legs that you just want to squeeze.

And then there's Brayden. Oh my gosh is he beautiful. Once he warmed up, he was flirting with me and it was so cute.

Remember that camera I packed? Well, after brunch we went out in the main part of the restaurant to take pictures and my batteries died!!! YIKES I did try to take a couple of pictures using my new camera phone. But it was also really hard to get any pictures with two moving boys!!!

Here's the only picture I was sort of able to get with both boys. So what if Alex's head is kind of cut off!!

And Miss Julia - this one is for you!!! I GOT TO HOLD PARKER!! Na Na Na Boo Boo!! ;)

(Jay and I were supposed to go out on a date tonight, but Alex is sick, so we just canceled the babysitter. He's not horrible - just a summer cold and his pre-molars coming in so he's pretty much miserable!)


ginger said...

Hope Alex feels better really soon. Looks like a great day. You look good with a girl. HINT< HINT!!!

Natalie said...

He,he...your last post was cracking me up! Are you talking about the episode when they met their baby in the Executive Lounge at the Marriott?! I just realized yesterday when we were in the lounge that that was where they were. That show makes me cry every stinkin time.

The McKenzie Crew said...

I am gonna kick your butt!!!!!!!!!!

Just joking! So glad you guys had fun - but I am very jealous too!!!!!!!

Be on the look out for big fun this fall:)


Krystal said...

I think Ginger is right - you do look good with a girl :)

nikki said...

Sounds like soooo much fun. It is so awsome to meet blogbuddies!

Hope Alex feels better soon!

Sophie's mommy said...

It was nice to meet you to Kim. Sophie loves her boys. We will have ot get the kids together. I am so sorry she knocked Alex down. I think she has been around C, C, C, her boys way to much lol