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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Need to Let it Go

Alex can play me - like a fiddle!! He knows how to push my buttons, and he does it every day.

I think I need to let it go.

Example: He asked for some goldfish. (well, he asked for food, and goldfish was the only thing he didn't shake his head at) I put some goldfish in a little plastic bowl and put it over by his chair. He walked over to the chair, sat down, and then proceeded to take each goldfish out of the bowl and throw them across the room. The whole time he was looking at me with this grin that said, "and what 'ya gonna do about it, mom?"

I, of course, went over - picked up all of the goldfish and brought the bowl over to me. (and he giggled the whole time)

I really don't care if there are goldfish on the floor, and I really don't care if he eats the goldfish off of the floor. But - for some reason - it bugs the crap out of me that he is throwing his food. Jay thinks I need to let it go since it's obvious he's playing me. I agree - and I don't think it's hurting anything - I just keep worrying that he's not learning that it's not ok to throw your food on the floor.

I have to keep reminding myself that he's 13 months old, and I have lots of time to teach him things. :)


Soltana said...

LOL sooo funny... Cerah does it too... only she now feeds the dog and laughs when I tell her no... If they get togther it's gonna be hilarious!!!!!

Bekah said...

It's hard to let things go when you know they are doing it just to defy you. Benjamin went through a stage like that when I would tell him 'no'. he would look right at me, smile, and do it anyways. He grew out of it. They all just have to test our patience. :)

Krystal said...

We've got a food thrower, too. . . only Brayden throws it away and then wants it!

Alleen said...

Ooooh, he must be watching Gabriella on hidden camera! Her favorite is to sweep everything off of her highchair tray. Lovely.

Alleen said...
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Kris and Mindy said...

EEEEEEEK.....Mikayla has started doing this lately with her Cheerio's and giving us the SAME look. Alec was never like this...but I sure think I may have my hands full with Miss. Mikayla! So I can totally relate!

Crystal said...

Kim--hey you!!! Miss Sophie girl is sweeping all her food off of her tray too! I keep thinking I need to try finger paint!!!

Kim I am so sorry but I am cracking up at him grinning at you! I just can't imagine your sweet little Alex doing this! He is a dollbaby even when is in trouble!!!

nikki said...

I think we are all in the same club. Olivia will only eat cheerios after she has thrown them out of the bowl. I just try to ignore it, because hey at least she's eating.

Carrie said...

Toddlers will be toddlers. I don't like or want to encourage food throwing either. When Savannah does that I figure she is done and I take the food away and give her a new activity. I do tell her we don't throw food and try to block her and if she keeps doing it, mealtime or snacks are over.

They will test the waters and it is pick your battles wisely.

Did you get "Happiest Toddler on the Block?" It is really great.