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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why International Adoption is Better than Pregnancy

When I realized that I wasn't going to get pregnant I went through a period of mourning. I mourned over the fact that I would never experience that little life inside me. Since I've finished our adoption, I've come to realize that there are many reasons why Adoption (especially international) is better than Pregnancy. Some of these are serious (and some aren't). (I'm not trying to make pregnancy out to be something terrible, so I hope no one gets offended.)

Here they are in no particular order. Does anyone have any others to add to the list?

1. No stretch marks (at least not from the pregnancy!!! LOL)
2. No epesiotomy
3. No swelling (I was able to wear my wedding ring through the whole adoption!)
4. No one coming up to me and wanting to rub my belly
5. I only had to go see my OB/GYN once during the adoption process.
6. No pregnancy hormones (now - adoption hormones - another story!)
7. I was able to spend my maternity leave enjoying my son - not trying to recover from giving birth.
8. No needle in my back (although there were times during the process an epidural wouldn't have been bad!)
9. I could still drink during the adoption process!!!! (where are the margaritas??)
10. No ugly hospital gowns.
11. No horrible hospital food (we got to eat the yummy breakfasts at the Marriott in GC!!)
12. No feedings every 2 hours - even at night. (mommy likes her sleep!)
13. Newborns are scary - they are floppy and tiny. Alex could hold his head up and had good body control when we got him
14. A newborn basically sleeps for the first 6 weeks (at least) of life. I got to spend the last 9 weeks playing with Alex.
15. I got my husband to leave the country - twice!

And the best part - I got Alex!


Anonymous said...

All very true! (Although if I don't lay off the chocolate the wedding rings might not fit by the time she comes home.)

Andrea said...

No morning sickness!! I cannot stand throwing up, so the thought of that just made me nearly cry. I'd say that's my #1 reason. :)

The Trace said...

I've made similar lists for myself regarding adoption vs. being pregnant and breast feeding. Everything you said was true!! SGP

Tricia said...

From someone that had MAJOR morning sickness with Victoria, let me just add that ADOPTION ROCKS!!!!!!!!

I Love your list!!! And Alex is ADORABLE!

Crystal said...

I love this!!!--This is soooo true!!!! Thanks for posting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!