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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Big Week

We've had a big week. My parents came into town on Tuesday for a convention. Alex and I went into Louisville to see them on Tuesday, mom, Alex and I went shopping ALL day on Wednesday (and I mean all day - Alex slept 20 minutes), my mom, dad and brother came over to our house Wednesday night, mom and dad brought the RV to our house on Thursday afternoon, mom, Alex and I went grocery shopping on Friday, my brother and sis-in law came to our house on Saturday and Alex was baptized today. Unfortunately Jay's mom wasn't feeling well, so they didn't make the trip down yesterday. We missed them today!!

Alex was a real trooper all week. He's sleeping and eating schedule was way off, but he did great. The baptism went well. I sang - if I have the nerve, I may post the video of me singing. I got through it without a problem.

So, as we are up front at church Alex decides to be a flirt. He was looking back at everyone in the choir and making faces at them. He has also learned how to fake cough, so he was doing that. He had everyone cracking up.

It's amazing how much I love this kid! He's just the coolest thing ever!!

Here are some pictures from today.

Here's Alex leaning all the way back. He kept doing this and cracking up the congregation.

Alex getting baptized.

Alex wasn't so sure about this lady putting water on his head! Here he is pushing Rev. Claudia's hand away.

I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE this picture!!!!

Here's my family. Jay and I are in the middle - my brother and sis-in-law on the left and my parents on the right.

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The Trace said...

Hello SecretBlogBuddy!! What a cutiepie your son is!! It sounds like it was a big week for you guys between the normal holiday business and Alex's baptism!