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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bottles, Beds and Singing

What a week!!!

I only had to work Monday and half of Tuesday. (it made for a very short week!)

I decided that starting on Wednesday we were going to start weaning Alex off of his bottles. (he is 100% on whole milk, now) I thought that we would start with his afternoon bottle and then tackle the other two.

I gave him milk in a sippy cup for breakfast just to see what he would do......he drank it!!! He then had a sippy cup full of milk after lunch, and then had milk for dinner.

Yes - my son gave up his bottles in one day. It made me a little sad.

Not only did he give up his bottles yesterday, but he also had another major change. Since we've brought him home, his crib has been in our bedroom. We wanted it there at first for bonding (and to make our life easier). We still haven't moved him. It was always something - we were going to be gone, he was sick, I was sick, something.

I told Jay that we had to move him soon, or we would have a 16 year old still sleeping in our room. :) So, Jay moved the crib to the middle of our bedroom yesterday so we would be forced to move it upstairs to his room.

We ended up going over the Michelle's house for dinner. We left at around 8:30...already at Alex's bedtime, and we still had a crib to move.

We put Alex in his pack 'n play while we attempted to move the crib. He was NOT happy. He screamed his head off. It didn't help anything that we had some pretty big technical difficulties with moving the crib. (did you know that the doorway for our bedroom is bigger than the doorway to Alex's bedroom? yeah - neither did we)

All of the sudden Alex was silent - and this is what we found.

Look how sweaty he is!! He was so worked up.

Here is what his room looks like. I can't believe that he actually has a real room now!

So, we then had to wake him up to get his diaper changed and into his jammies. That went pretty well - gave him kisses - and put him down. He didn't cry!!

I went downstairs - and cried....and cried....and cried. :( It hit me that he was growing up. I got myself pulled together and then I walked into our bedroom - it looked SO bare - and I cried again.

I wish I could say Alex had a great night - he didn't - he ended up getting back up and was up until after midnight. Today was better - his naps went well, and he went right to sleep tonight.

Alex and I have also started singing together. I was able to get some of it on camera. :)


Soltana said...

That's great..I mean Alex getting rid of his bottle...SAD for momma :( His room is very cute..and right now clean..RIGHT!! LOL..I cleaned rooms last night and in 1 HOUR it was a total mess!!! What can you do :)
Have a great weekend!!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Great job Alex!!! You are such a big boy now. Love the room!!!

Soltana said...

I got to listen to the singing..I think we have out next Amercan Idol!!