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Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 3 - Pool - Yorktown - Shakin' a Booty

The hotel that we were staying in had a GREAT breakfast buffet that we ate it almost every morning. They had a lot of things that Alex liked and was one of the better buffets I've eaten in awhile.

After eating breakfast, Jay was off to his meetings, and Alex and I got ready to go to the pool. He was quite cranky while we were trying to get ready. (I probably should have let him nap!) As we were getting ready, Alex decided it would be more fun to play in his floaty boat.

He then had to go get a book - sit in his boat - and read his book. I was cracking up laughing!!

The pool was lovely. We had a really nice time there. We had two older ladies remark on Alex's beautiful tan. I just smiled and thanked them. ;)

The funniest part was my overhearing the conversation of three older ladies. (Remember, I was at a political conference) These three ladies were all spouses of elected officials in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana. They were all spouses of Democrats. (remember - Jay and I are Republicans) They just sat in the pool - talking very loudly - about how horrible Republicans are. How we are all evil, pretend to be Christians, and are ruining the country.

Now, being around politics as much as I have, I will tell you that there are good Republicans, good Democrats, bad Republicans, and bad Democrats. It doesn't matter what side of the aisle you are on. I just had to laugh listening to them go on and on. I SOOOO wanted them to ask me about my affiliation. I was planning on telling them that I'm one of those evil Right Wing Christians that are ruining the world!! ;) (and then walk out of the pool!)

Alex and I got back to the room just as Jay was done for the day. He and one of his co-workers wanted to go to Yorktown, so off we went. Alex sort of slept - but not really - wouldn't sit still for the "historical" video - but did better when we got back in the car. Most of Yorktown is a driving tour. I'm embarrassed to say that I fell asleep in the car. ;) I'm not as into the history stuff as Jay is.

We got back in enough time to get showers/baths and cleaned up for Monday night's festivities.

We were supposed to go to the Oklahoma reception (next year's conference is in Oklahoma City), Kentucky Night and then Bush Gardens. We made it to the reception - it was nice - but crowded. Then we were off to Kentucky Night. We decided to take the bus so we wouldn't have to drive. So, stroller, diaper bad and Alex made it on the bus. Just as we pulled into the event the heavens opened up and it POURED. We were outside, in the rain, me in WHITE capris and a cute shirt, Jay trying to push Alex in the stroller UP A HILL, and the rain coming down harder and harder and harder. By the time we made it under cover, I was SOAKED, the stroller was soaked, and my hair was a disaster!!! Luckily I packed stuff to pull my hair up. I was not happy at all.

Alex, though, had a great time. There was a band and he just danced and danced and danced and danced and danced.

I can't believe we didn't get any video of him dancing. It was hilarious. And, of course, he was showing off for all of the pretty girls in the room.

Needless to say, I wasn't much in the mood to go to Bush Gardens after my soaking, so we went back to the room and actually got to bed at a half decent time. (and we found out afterwards that there wasn't much open at Bush Gardens, so we made the right decision.


Bekah said...

Love the picture of him reading in his boat. Too cute. He looks like quite the little dancer. His shoes are adorable.

Crystal said...

Kim --you guys sound like you are having soo much fun!!!!!! I was cracking up about the pool "incident!!!" You are too cute!!!!!!! I love love love that last picture!!! ALex is quite the little handsome fellow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie said...

So adoarble! I love the dancing and reading in the floaty boat!

Sorry you got rained on. Afterwards you just have to laugh about those things.

My MIL is one of those people that speaks very loudly about her political opinions and nobody can disagree. I am with you, just keep quiet and laugh to yourself. There is good and bad in every party, field, everything!

Anonymous said...

You are a great blogger!!! Of course, you have such a cute subject to write about! Marie at MKAP

Lori said...

Love the pics!! Alex is getting so big!! Sorry about the rain - that really bites when that happens!