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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day 4: Naps!

This was the last full day of the conference. We started the day like we did most days - with the breakfast buffet.

The hotel we stayed at - the Williamsburg Lodge - was beautiful. There were these animal statue type things all over the lobby. Alex LOVED the Dog-Dog (as he calls it) We had to go visit the dog-dog a couple of times a day.

Here is Alex looking at a (we think) peacock. He's trying to sign bird. (it was easier that way - and I didn't know the sign for peacock!!)

As you turned the corner in the hallway around the gift shop, there was a group of animals that Alex also loved. We also had to go look at these animals a couple of times a day.

Alex did take a morning nap on Tuesday. He needed it - and it was nice. By the time he woke up, Jay was done with his morning meeting. We decided to go for a walk around the shops at Williamsburg and get some lunch.

It was HOT (I think I've mentioned that before). We ended up eating at a pizza place (which was very yummy) and looking through some of the shops.

We then started heading back through Historical Williamsburg but it was too hot to walk around too much. We just headed back to the room.

Alex ended up taking another nap and we pretty much just relaxed the rest of the afternoon.

Then we got ready for the eventing festivities. The last night of the conference there is the State Dinner. This is a "get all dressed up, have a nice dinner, dance, drink" type of event. This year they specifically stated that it was for adults only. Reality is that when I bought Alex's Easter outfit this year, I specifically had in mind that he would wear it to the State Dinner at SLC. I wasn't about to not have that happen.

So, we decided to get Alex dressed up, take him down for the pre-dinner reception, I would then take him out to dinner, and we would come back in time for the dancing.

Alex wore his seersucker suit (with saddle shoes) as did his daddy.

They looked SO cute!

Alex charmed everyone again. He and I then went to dinner. It didn't go so well.

I was reminded again how much I appreciate Jay. To all of you single moms out there - I don't know how you do it!! Alex wasn't much in the mood to sit and eat and I know if Jay would have been there, we could have tag teamed him and we would have both been able to eat at least a little bit. I shoved my food in my mouth as quickly as possible - I'm not sure I tasted any of it. (and I had a waitress who seemed to be oblivious to the fact that I had a cranky toddler and I just wanted to get out of there)

Alex and I then went and visited dog-dog - birdie and the animals in the gift shop. After what I thought was an appropriate amount of time, we went back to the ball room area to see if they were done.

Jay came out shortly after we got there - and THEY HADN'T EVEN BEEN SERVED ANY FOOD YET!!! I couldn't believe it. It was closing in on 8:00 and they hadn't even been given their salad yet. Needless to say - there was no dancing - Jay got out as quickly as he could - and we went back and went to bed. :)


Andrea said...

Seersucker suit AND plaid shorts!?!? Be still my beating heart!! You know I love plaid. Super cute!!

Bekah said...

HOW adorable is that little suit! Oh my...what a little stud.

Crystal said...

KIm--I love these pictures!!! You are such a good momma ---I am with you dad's are the best when it comes to helping out during dinner!!! OOOH Kim his little outfit is soooo cute!!!!!!!! Have I told you lately what a little dollbaby he is?!!!!! He is soooo handsome!!!!!!!!!! :O)

nikki said...

Love that little seersucker suit!!!
Maybe Alex would like to take Olivia on a date in Atlanta? She is a sucker for sharp dressed boys!

Alleen said...

How cute is he????? I hear ya on the servers with no clue. If you see someone struggling with a screaming toddler, for goodness sakes, get them their check QUICK!!

Carrie said...

I love the photos! Alex looks so handsome dressed up! The Lodge looks beautiful! Savannah would have loved the statues too. She calls a dog- arf, arf and gets all excited. I guess we have to get a dog!