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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So Funny!

I interrupt the vacation recap to share this video. I thought I was going to die laughing!!!!



The McKenzie Crew said...

had arlready seen that on Angels blog - HYSTERICAL:)


Sarah said...

OMG... I was seriously hyperventilating watching that video. I could feel my blood pressure rising and just thinking of the ranting and raving that would be heard from the "mom" who owned that van!

Sad to say that my car is looking more and more like that each day, sans bumper stickers (but I do have window clings, so I guess that counts as mom signage) - LOL!!

Sarah & Sophie~Bug

Krystal said...

OK, they must have seen the inside of our van! We have everything on the interiors except for the golf balls rolling around -- we've got those counting maracas rolling around instead!!!!

Andrea said...

Oh yikes...I've seen my future, and it is NOT pretty :)

Seriously funny, though.