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Thursday, July 19, 2007

We're Home - And LOTS of Catching Up!!

We are home! We actually survived our first family vacation. It actually went really well. I also have lots of catching up to do. Lots of pictures - lots of stories.

So, here we go.

A Week Ago

I decided to give Alex yogurt for breakfast. This by itself isn't news. The fact that I tried to let Alex feed himself is. Here is his handiwork.
He started out using the spoon....

And then it quickly went downhill from there!

He was quite proud of himself.

Alex and I then went to an amusement park where we "chaperoned" the kids from our church's youth group. I have chaperoned in quotes as they didn't require any work! They were wonderful. We had fun - but it was a long day.

My next post will be about our vacation.


Soltana said...

SO cute..now i'm waiting for more pics......... Im glas you made it homeok...see ya soon!!!!!!!!

Kerry said...

Spoons are for sissies! You go Alex!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

I love the messy eating pictures.

Bekah said...

Nice job on the big ol' mess for mommy to clean up, Alex! :) Whatever works, right?!

Carrie said...

These are the mometns we live for. Savannah refuses to use a spoon. She will use a fork, but likes her fingers the best. Savannah is off yogurt for the moment, but if I let her eat it with her hands, she may have a change of heart.