I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Talk Amongst Yourself

Ok - I've tried to keep up with blogs, keep up my blog, take care of Alex and read the new Harry Potter book.

I can't do it all.....something has to give......and I've been told I have to keep taking care of Alex. ;)

So - you all need to talk amongst yourselves. Your topic is, "Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler - who is the better comedic actor and why."

I still have a few days of vacation to blog about and have more pictures.

But - for now, I'm going to be concentrating ALL of my free time to finishing the book. (I may even just stay up all night!!)

I'll be back when I'm done!!!


Michelle Smiles said...

I don't like Will Ferrell...but even if I did I would have to say Adam simply because I heart his funny songs from SNL (Lunch Lady cracked me up as did his ode to his red sweatshirt).

I still haven't pried The Book away from my hubby...sigh...I guess that is okay because I wouldn't have gotten far. I did manage to read a couple of pages of the current book I am trying to read while hubby fed Sabrina dinner. Then I had to put it away so I could make dinner for us.

Lou said...

Let me know as soon as you finish the book!!!! We can discuss.....It was FABULOUS! JK OUTDID herself!!!!!