I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Catching Up

Now that I'm done with the vacation posts I can go back to posting about our exciting days with Alex!! (she says sarcastically!!)

Alex has had a pretty good week. We are still on the protein strike - and on the "milk in a sippy cup" strike. I did get him chocolate milk and he will drink that from the sippy cup. I hope to slowly switch him to regular milk.

Here are some pictures from the past week.

This is Alex's favorite position. On the couch with Daddy. He LOVES being with his daddy and it's so cute.

I LOVE this picture!! Do you see those eggs on the side of his high chair - yeah - he's not eating them. :)
I don't know what he was shoving in his face on this one, but I'm sure it's a fruit or a carb.

Jay took this picture on Sunday in the nursery at church. I just love his profile.

If you will remember from a previous post - he was a little messy eating yogurt with the spoon. Here's his latest attempt. At this point he had eaten the entire container of yogurt - and he wasn't that messy!! He really likes using his spoon, and he's getting pretty good at it. I guess the fork is next.

We did discover on Sunday night that Alex likes Chinese food. We went out to eat and he ate the inside of almost 2 chicken egg rolls. He couldn't shove it in quickly enough. We may have to eat Chinese every night to get some protein in him.

Alex was laughing and dancing to this toy in the video. Unfortunately he really didn't dance much on the video but he did laugh.


Trace said...

A whole post of Alex's CUTENESS!! A little yogurt face.

Lori said...

So cute!!! The eating thing is so frustrating - I will pray that he enjoys all kinds of foods!! My son was a bugger when it came to food - still is!!

Krystal said...

Alex is so cute!!! If it makes you relax a little, Brayden has been a fruit & bread man for a long, long time now, and he is growing just fine :) Who needs protein, right? I just try to give him cheese & soy milk to get a little something ;)

Soltana said...

SOOO cute.... Cerah's favorite spot is with dad too!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys........
ALEX WE'RE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!

Bekah said...

Love that big smile in that second picture. He is cuter by the day. Yeah, Stuart and Kristi...very exciting!

Carrie said...

Savannah won't eat protein or milk out of a sippy cup. So, we do bottles and the only protein she eats is portabella mushrooms, sometimes beans, hummas (as you know) and sometimes a bite or two of chicken or tofu.

She is on a yogurt strike for quite awhile now (she used to love it).

Our picky little eaters! It's ok.

Love the photo with Alex and Jay. Just the boys hanging out!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

So adorable!!!