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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Interesting Day!

So, my mom decided to FINALLY come back down for a visit. She arrived Wednesday night and is leaving tomorrow already, but it's been nice to have her here.

Alex had his first "class" today. Michelle and I signed the boys up for a 10 week tumbling class. I was so excited - Alex - not so much. He really wasn't sure about everything that we were supposed to do. There were kids in the class younger than him that were doing the stuff pretty good. So, maybe my kid isn't perfect at everything. :)

Alex then decided to not take a nap today - until mom and I decided to just go shopping! (then Alex slept in the car - but then big storms came and we got stuck in Old Navy - it was a whole thing) :)

I'll have to wait to post pictures after mom gets home and downloads the pictures from her camera.


Angel said...

He'll get the hang of it and have a blast I bet. KK was the same way at her first gymnastics class. She just looked around like we were all nuts. :0) Angel

Soltana said...

Don't you love those shopping trips when you get stuck in a store :)
Alex can show Cerah all his new tricks when she gets there... Then they'll nevr stop!!!

Carrie said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. Miss that handsome face.

I signed Savannah up for gymnastics starting on Sept. 6th. I hope she likes it. She wanted to jump in and play yesterday when I was signing her up.

nikki said...

I'm sure he'll get used to the class, and eventually love it.
Can't wait to see pictures!!1

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Give him a little time, he will love to tumble soon enough. You could have been stuck in worse places. I love Old Navy!!!

Crystal said...

Kim--you amaze me!!! You are such an awesome momma!!! How cool to put him in a tumbling class!!! :O)

HOw fun to have your mom there for a few days I hope you guys are having a great time!!!

Old Navy is my fav!!!!!! :O)