I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Random Alex Cuteness

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks.

I'm not sure why I was taking his picture here, but I'm sure he was doing something cute and then stopped doing it when I got the camera out.

This is what happens to Alex's hair when he puts peanut butter and jelly into it. I did notice that his hair was shinier and had more volume, so maybe he knows something about hair care that I don't.

He was running around the family room just before this shot. But, then Diego came on and he was mesmerized. (and yes, my family room is a disaster again.)

Jay got something in the mail last week, and it came packed in peanuts. He thought it would be a good idea to hold onto the box and peanuts so Alex could play in it. This was our first try - as you can see it didn't go so good.

Here's the back of Alex's slide. As you can see, it has a rock climbing wall type thing instead of steps. He's had a hard time getting up the slide without help for a long time now.

But - Thursday night that all changed. Here's a video of my big boy on his slide.


Soltana said...

So cute... Cerah can't wait to play...you even have her FAVORITE toy...the bouncy zebra!!!!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Those pics are so adorable.

Bekah said...

Love that top picture of Alex. His expression is hilarious.

Your parents are welcome to just come for the dinner. It's Brookview chicken. Yum.

Kris and Mindy said...

I love these pics...especially the HAIR shot. He is such a doll!

Carrie said...

There is a whole lot of cuteness going on and I love it!!!

His hair is very stylish. Maybe I should try peanut butter too!!!

Corey said...

Oh the bouncy zebra sits in my office...
Alex and Luke would be great friends :)