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Friday, September 15, 2006

More News

It still doesn't seem real to me that we are actually out of PGN. My list has just gotten very long of things I need to get done!!

In the meantime - I have some more news. (for those of you that I work with who don't know this yet - I'm sorry!!)

I'm going to be taking a couple months off after we get back from Guatemala. It's going to work out for me to be off until the end of the year.

After the first of the year, I'm going back to work - but - I'm not going back to my same job or full time. I have the wonderful opportunity to stay with my same group, but move to a slightly different job and will be working 24 hours a week.

This will be wonderful for our family, as I can't keep working 50-60 hours a week when Alex gets home. I'm very lucky that all of this is working out. I'm excited about it, but a little sad that I'm giving up my current position. I really like what I do, and I really like supervising. I won't be supervising anyone in my new job - which is going to be weird.

I will also have the ability to work some from home, which will be really nice.

We might actually get the nursery done this weekend. I promise to post pictures if I ever get it done!!

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Alleen said...

Congrats on bringing home Alex soon!!!! What a relief to get out of PGN!