I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Monday, September 04, 2006

This Sucks!

Ok - I've been really patient through this process. I really have been. We've been very blessed to have a quick timeline. Every part of our process has gone quicker and better than I could have ever hoped.

I'm not patient any more. We've now been in PGN for 4 weeks and 4 days. This is nothing!! Average time right now is 8-12 weeks! Yikes. What am I going to do?? I don't know if I can wait much longer.

I have no right to complain. There are many people who have been waiting longer than I have, who have had problems with their process, who have had real heartbreak.....I just need to keep remembering that.

Please pray for me. I keep praying and asking God to help me through this.

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