I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happy Birthday and my SBP

Yesterday was Alex's 10 month birthday. I can't believe he is 10 months already. It won't be long before he is celebrating his first birthday. That's just not possible!!!

Yesterday was just more proof that Alex is very laid back. I had a meeting in Frankfort, so the plan was that I was going to drop Alex off with Jay while I had my meeting. Most Friday afternoons are pretty easy for Jay. They were still in session when we showed up (which I didn't expect) so I had to haul Alex over to the capitol (where Jay proceeded to show Alex off to everyone). They we had to go back over the annex where Jay and I got something to eat. I then ran off to my meeting. Alex played in Jay's office, until Jay had a meeting at which point some of his co-workers watched him.

By the time I got back there, it was 4:00 and he hadn't had his afternoon nap!! He was as pleasant as ever. He didn't fuss at all. I gave him a bottle, and he was asleep in 2 seconds. We are SO lucky to have this little guy!!!

Then I get home, and my SBP struck again. We got another cute spring/summer outfit for Alex, and a great bath book. Alex has been reading/chewing the book constantly since I took it out of the package.

Thanks SBP!!! You've done TOOOOO much!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you got the package!! I hope Alex enjoys the book :-)

Crystal said...

I just love your little laid back fellow!!!! so sweet!!!! --I can't believe he is 10 months--don't you just wish you could freeze time for these little ones?!!!! They grow up way too fast!!! :O(

Stephanie said...

oh, i keep forgetting how close in age our two are!! happy 10-month bday!!!