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Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's a Small World After All

This story is just wild, and I'm still amazed over it.

The other day, I was reading Crystal's blog. She talked about going to Toledo for a bridal shower. I grew up very close to Toledo. As I went to comment, I noticed that someone named Bekah commented that she also lived close to Toledo. I had seen Bekah comment on other blogs that I read, but had never checked out her blog or profile. (I have too many blogs to keep up with as it is!!)

I decided I was going to check out her profile and contact her to find out where she lived.

Imagine my shock when I pull up her profile and see that she lives in Archbold. People - that's my hometown!!!!! I about fell off of the couch!!!!

Needless to say that we have been emailing and just talked on the phone for about an hour.

The connections we have are amazing. (although not surprising since Archbold only has about 3500 people in the whole town) I was in the band with her older brother, her husband works with my mom's best friend's son, and the little brother of my best friend growing up is the person that introduced Bekah to her husband.

Bekah and her husband are waiting to bring their precious little girl home from Guatemala, and I'm so glad I found her!!

(So - Thanks Crystal - I owe you one!!!)


Soltana said...

WOW that's pretty cool.... that's great to find someone from your hometown...

Bekah said...

Kim--So good to talk with you last night!!! I feel so blessed that you 'found me' through Crystal's blog. Love all you ladies!!!

Alleen said...

Very cool!

Natalie said...

That's awesome! Bekah is a great person...you found a good friend!

Crystal said...

oooh Kim--You are just the cutest!!!!! I am sooo glad you guys got to talk and figured all of the connections out!!!! Bekah's awesome!!! How cool is that?!!!! of course you don't owe me anything other than a promise to meet someday!!!!! :O)