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Saturday, March 03, 2007

I Need Your Help

I've got two things I need your help with.

1. Jay goes to a couple conferences every year, and I usually go with him to at least one. We then turn it into a mini vacation. (for example, one year we went to San Francisco for his conference - rented a car - drove through wine country - the mountains - ended up in Reno where we spent a couple of days)

We've decided that Alex and I are going to try to go with him to one of his conferences again this year. I think I know which one I want to go to, but thought I'd get your opinions. The choices are:

a. Boston
b. Philadelphia
c. Williamsburg

What do you guys think? (I'll let you know my choice later!)

2. I'd like to start planning (so we can start saving) for a vacation for just Jay and I. I'm thinking sometime next late spring (Mayish) or later. (Jay can't go anywhere from after Thanksgiving until about the end of April) We don't have tons of money to spend, and I think we would like to stay in this hemisphere. Any thoughts? It doesn't have to be exotic - just nice for the two of us. Cruises are out - Jay refuses!! We aren't outdoorsy types (I mean the hiking kind) but we like to look at pretty outdoors stuff!

I can't wait to hear what your thoughts are!!


Trace said...

If you end up going to Philadelphia let me know! We can meet in person...my stranger friend.

Carrie said...

Come to Boston! We live an hour and a half away. I have always loved Boston. It is very nice and pretty safe and clean for a city. It has much history and fun things to do for kids and great shopping!

As far as an "adult" vacation, Sandals. is VERY relaxing and fun (all inclusive no worries). Or, if you want to stay in the states, San Diego, Grand Canyon, Vegas, or Hawaii. If it is vacation, you can't really go wrong!

nikki said...

I would choose Boston, lots to do and it's so nice there. However if you come to Philadelphia, We could meet up. I'm about a half hour away!!!!!!
As for your vacation How about mexico, you can get some great deals in the spring. Vinay and I went to Cancun, eventhough the company paid, it can be reasonably priced. Check out online travel for deals

Holly G. said...

Philly!!!! I would love to meet you!!!

Stephanie said...

we are super close to williamsburg...see, you have someone to meet in every choice now!!

Crystal said...

Kim --I can't wait to hear your choice!!! I am bad with cities unfortunately I have not traveled a lot!!! I wouldn't be much help but you can come here and we can have a playdate!!!!

Anonymous said...
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