I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Monday, July 17, 2006


Ok - I warned you I might be venting from time to time. Today is one of the days.

We are now on day 25 waiting for our Pre-Approval. We aren't supposed to contact the US Embassy until it's been 30 days. (I'll admit that I sent them an email last week....ssshhhh...don't tell anyone) I think I've been spoiled. Everything else in our process so far has happened sooner than I expected. I don't know why I thought it would go that way forever!

I'm trying not to check my email a thousand times a day - but I can't help myself. Hopefully we are out of Family Court, or will be soon. It would be nice to hear that good news this week even if we don't get PA.

Luckily, I guess, PA is a US thing. That means that next Monday, if we haven't heard anything, I'll get our Congressman involved. They have to answer the members of congress within 24 hours. I knew that our political connections would come in handy some day!

I just keep trying to remember a couple on the online message board I keep in contact with that has been waiting to bring their son home for almost 2 years now. (lots of problems - not something that we expect AT ALL with our process) The case went before the Guatemalan Supreme Court on Friday. They still haven't heard what happened, or what is going on. I can't imagine what they are going through! It makes my waiting for PA seem so trivial.

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